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Ready to go to the moon? Or rather, on your honeymoon, we should say. This month we’re celebrating out-of-this-world trips with Moon Mondays: weekly features on post-nuptial travel. Read on for our latest edition…

Lacy, silky or otherwise honeymoon-appropriate lingerie, check. Beach read and sunscreen, check. Fully-loaded DJI Phantom aerial camera with live feed, check? This summer drones have suddenly become a hot honeymoon packing item (and to think there was a time when simply carrying a tripod meant you were committed to getting the shot).

The craze kicked off with a Japanese couple who reported in June that they’d been honeymooning with a drone in tow for their year-long trip. The newlyweds snapped high-tech selfies (or dronies, as in selfies with a drone) in Singapore, Dubai and the Amazon.

Aerial photography has been a trend at weddings for a couple years now – some couples even opt to have a drone deliver their wedding bands to the alter, ousting young ring bearers from their ceremonial duties. Yet, taking drone photography on the road for the honeymoon is still an emerging phenomenon.

For couples that simply can’t justify adding a drone to their gift registry, there are companies like Blue Skies, who will let you rent the equipment.

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