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Trazzler's Adam Rugel and partner AngieAdam Rugel is the micro-blogging guru who was there at the birth of Twitter and took nano-posting concept round the world – literally: his website Trazzler provides window shopping for web-surfing armchair travellers and mini-adventurers worldwide. Trazzler’s travel writing contests also provide a forum for frustrated travel writers and wandering wordsmiths.

Last time we met for an in-depth Q&A (check out the interview with Adam we did on the Smith Travel Blog last year), we promised to pick the virtual teleporter’s very travel-savvy brains for his insider tips. Here’s what he had to say…



Tell us about your corner of the world: where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in San Francisco and it’s my favourite city so far (I’ve lived in London briefly, DC, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago). It’s urban, but you don’t feel trapped in, there’s more than enough to do, the people are freaks (in the best way), and it’s easy to escape to the woods, or the beach, or the mountains, in just a short drive.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Share some secrets from your at-home address book with us…

I’m addicted to taqueria El Farolito, for the quesadilla suiza at 2am (beware of the drunks, though).

You absolutely must try hiking the Lands End trail – the best city trail in the USA, never mind San Francisco.

Pizzeria Picco, San FranciscoAnd we love to stop at the best pizza place in the Bay Area, Pizzeria Picco, tucked away in a little Marin town called Larkspur.

And what about further afield? Got any more tips tucked away in your traveller’s black book?

One that I found recently is rafting down the American River in Sacramento. San Francisco is always chilly in the summer, but Sacramento is just an hour away and it’s always hot. Locals there head for the American River: it’s fed by snow-melt from the Sierras, the river is always chilly making it perfect for floating down on a raft.

Henry Miller Library - Henry Miller's typewriterAnother is the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur…. it’s equal parts archive, bookshop, live music venue, cultural centre, and coffee house. Lately, they’ve been booking some really big bands who perform at a tiny outdoor stage surrounded by redwoods – I recently got tickets for Arcade Fire.

Hotel Healdsburg - Sonoma CountyAnd I’m a huge fan of Montreal, Canada – for some reason, this cold city is filled with more than its fair share of incredibly beautiful people. See the young party people come out at night at Buonanotte, a restaurant/club.

What’s you idea of a great weekend away?

My favourite weekend escape is Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma County (right); the Healdsburg farmer’s market is not to be missed.

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