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The other day Pip McCormac at The Sunday Times asked me my thoughts on ski chic for this article:

We put our heads together here at Smith HQ and here are our thoughts:

  • Of course style is essential and practicality is paramount, but comfort is a priority if you’re as crash prone as me. Hi-tech gear means you can stay on the slopes (or in my case derrière) all day without getting soggy and cold. This means Dainese over Dior; Spider trumps Chanel.
  • Plain, classic colours stay fashionable for longer.
  • Online sites can be great for bargains, but you’ll want to try things on and check the fit.
    Snow+Rock is a pre-ski season winner and also a great place to get the latest gadgets. Profeet on the Fulham Road is best for boots. For a Russian tsarina look, try
  • If you’re always a sucker for flashy new goggles, don’t leave it until you’re at the resort to indulge any expensive impulse buying – TK Maxx has often got great deals, but you might need to compromise on size/shape or colour.

Smith & Ski - luxury chaletsAnd once you have your wardrobe licked, for designer stays on the slopes, you should of course go to Smith Ski to find and book the most style-savvy ski chalets.

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