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If you happen to reading this on your iPhone, you’ll already know what I’m about to say –  namely, that you can now read Mr & Mrs Smith’s ever-lovelier blog on pocket-sized screens around the world in an Apple-friendly format, with no risk of compatibility snag-ups or slow-load nightmares. Whether you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’ll find the Smith blog looks and functions just like Apple’s own software. Just like the day we launched the hotel-finder BlackBerry application, the half of Smith HQ that understands the phrases ‘WordPress plug-in’ and ‘mobile user interface’ is practically whooping with technophile glee.

Of course, unlike the BlackBerry application, we can’t take credit for the work on this one. The clever blogbods at Brave New Code have tinkered and tweaked to come up with WP Touch, a snippet of plug-in code that immediately iPodifies your pages. We’d encourage all you WP bloggers out there to get in on the action. And why wouldn’t you, when it makes your blog look like this?

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