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We’re inviting you to join us in Clerkenwell on Sunday 11 May, 6pm–8pm, for an intimate, relaxed, book-saluting salon at the Zetter Townhouse in celebration of London’s Social Book Week and to support the Reading Agency


Tickets: a £25 donation* (*but of course, we won’t object if any of you lit-loving philanthropists want to donate more. And should you want to spend the night, we have some very special dinner, bed and breakfast rates, see below.)

Our travel club members are intrepid creatures, clear about the benefits of pleasure and convinced of the value of knowledge. We’ve all had lemon oil massaged up our arches by luscious Argentinian croupiers or submitted, prone, on Madagascan beaches and dug fingertips into hot sand as ocelot cubs lapped acacia honey from the backs of our knees. As true Smith travellers, we strive not only to feed our insatiable sensory appetites but also to slake our thirst for wisdom. Therefore, dear friends, as Social Book Week (aka #sbw14 in hashtag parlance) comes to a climax, we owe it to ourselves and to the universe, to come together on Sunday 11 May, in the sensual setting of the Games Room at the Zetter Townhouse, for an evening in celebration of literary ecstasy and in support of a charity devoted to expanding the excitement and opportunity that reading allows.

Alas, there are but 30 places available – book your seat by donating as soon as possible and RSVP to when all seats are reserved we will announce we are SOLD OUT on our JustGiving page. If you do snap up a place, please arrive for a cocktail and canapés at 5.30pm… then sit back and settle down for the speakers who will begin at 6pm.

The Zetter

Leatitia RutherfordButterfly-bothering synesthete Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘tingle between the shoulder blades’ must surely resonate with our first guest, trailblazing goddess of burlesque, Immodesty Blaize. Gustave Flaubert in a letter to his mistress remarked: ‘Comme l’on serait savant si l’on connaissait bien seulement cinq à six livres.’ Perhaps our second guest, London-based author (her memoirs, pictured right) and literary agent Laetitia Rutherford, will concur. And translate.

Editor-in-chief Juliet Kinsman’s hero is the notorious publisher, pornographer and loan shark Jackie Treehorn, who once famously explained to Jeffrey Lebowski that ‘the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.’ She’ll no doubt be looking to shoehorn that shiny pearl into the discussion, as she hosts alongside Bookomi’s Richard Kilgarriff, founder of Books for Breakfast at Soho House and all-round literary white knight.

Why not make a night of it, and go to work on Monday with stories to share?
Dinner, bed and breakfast rates available and bookable through us if you email smithsalon@smithhotels.comBistrot Bruno Loubet is the Zetter’s modern French restaurant.

zetter town house

Stay Sunday 11 May at The Zetter, and enjoy dinner, bed and breakfast (price per room, for two guests)…

Rooftop Superior…..£304
Rooftop Deluxe…..£382

Stay Sunday 11 May at The Zetter Townhouse, and enjoy dinner, bed and breakfast (price per room, for two guests)…

Deluxe (pictured)…..£256

The Zetter Townhouse is set on St John’s Square, London EC1V 4JJ

For more information, to reserve tickets or to book dinner, bed and breakfast email; as much as we would love you all there, it is first come first served, my dears.

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