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For exactly 100 years, this year, the world has been unquestioningly accepting one of the oddest trends ever to infiltrate the hotel industry – the Gideons. Yes, the sneaky evangelists have been ‘placing’ their maroon preacher-pamphlets in bedside drawers for a century. We don’t know if the scripture-scattering organisation is planning some sort of party to celebrate, whether they’ll produce a special diamante-studded commemorative edition, or whether they’ve a bible-shaped cake on order, but the New Statesman (of all places) has chosen to mark the occasion with a short article.

New Statesman screen grab

The NS notes that ‘edgier’ boutique hotels have thus far managed to keep the Gideons at bay, and rang us up for a comment. We noted that, in the kind of hotel we’re into, the Kama Sutra would be more appropriate bed-time reading – which is certainly true, but, sadly, I doubt that anyone would be willing to set up an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the global dissemination of sex manuals. Now, that would be a missionary position indeed…

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