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Smith wedding venues, Château de Bagnols, FranceAfter another weekend of scrambling to pick up suits from the dry-cleaners, frantic headlong dashes down the motorway, whirlwind costume changes in hotel rooms, getting lost en route to tiny village churches and then realising you’re actually an hour early, the summer-wedding season is officially (read: thankfully) over.

Hopefully – if it was you saying ‘I do’ – your nuptial fun happened on Saturday, when the weather was outrageously good, rather than Sunday, when rain almost certainly stopped play. And hopefully, everything you did have a little control over (the venue, the reception and, most importantly, the post-wedding getaway) was perfect.

Knowing how vital it is to make the right choices (let’s face it, this is probably the most expensive day out you’re ever going to host), our thoughts have been turning to those who are currently in the process of planning such a whopping event (Smith’s own blogstar Anthony, for example, who’ll be tying the knot with his own Mrs-Smith-to-be next spring – congratulations!). Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr & Mrs Smith, we already know your wedding guests don’t need help to find a stylish boutique hotel to hole up at; in fact, in the past week, we’ve launched five new hotels in the UK, including a boutique B&B in Brighton, a charming West Sussex inn, a Kentish boutique retreat and a rather dandy London pied-à-terre.

But what you might not have known is that many of Smith’s romantic hotels would make awesome wedding venues; or you may not have been sure whether or not particular resorts – fantastically exotic and relaxing though they may be – could pass muster for the two-week honeymoon of your lifetime.

Smith wedding venues, honeymoon hotels, wedding list, how to proposeSo we’ve put together a one-stop search stop with our new wedding and honeymoon pages: want a wedding with a view? Find a wedding hotel from a pre-edited selection of guaranteed-stylish spots with our worldwide venue search. Fancy a honeymoon in Mexico? Check out our honeymoon hotel search. Want your guests Not sure what you want? Then <to the tune of a well-known song sung by that wedding-DJ favourite Robbie Williams:> ‘Let me… info-tain you…’ Sorry. We’ve also put together a page of inspiration, with top 10s and insider advice.

We’ll be updating it with more need-to-knows as time goes by; and watch out for a feature about wedding venues from Condé Nast’s Brides magazine on the blog soon. In the meantime, we’ve posted one of our latest honeymoon features (see previous post) to whet your wedding wanderlust…

Update: We’ve just our guide to the world’s most sun-soaked, culture-packed, romance-laden honeymoon destinations. Check it out.

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