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New Year FireworksRight, are we all done with Christmas now? As if last week’s all-American spa hotel round-up wasn’t enough, we’ve grilled the great and the good from luxury hotel spas near and far to ensure you’re the prettiest, perkiest and most polished partygoer from top to toes this New Year’s Eve.

Here’s our mammoth pick of their finest beauty tips and tricks for transforming your looks in a flash (and hiding that hangover afterwards).

Now all you have to do is worry about what to wear…


Metropolitan London spa Urban EscapeComo Shambhala manager at the Urban Escape spa Samantha West

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
Hosting a house party in my flat in central London with close friends and neighbours. We’ll have canapés, champagne, fireworks, and lots of dancing!

Pre-party pampering tips?
Sleep, lots of water and a healthy diet. I’d exercise the day before to release endorphins, improve circulation and enhance general well-being. Don’t exercise on the day of a party, as there’s not enough time for your body to recover. Body scrub is a must; self-tan; luxury pedicure; relaxing massage; facial; and hydrate your skin all over with a good body lotion.

False eyelashesInstant makeover?
False eyelashes or lots of mascara with a natural make-up base and lots of lip gloss.

Favourite beauty products?
Lots – I’m a product junkie!

Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Scrub to buff up dull skin, remove dead cells and leave skin feeling soft and smooth; a must if you want an even, glowing tan. And the Invigorate body lotion– the aromatherapy oils smell divine.
Perricone MD Advanced Facial Firmer– I keep my hands soft with Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream.
Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator and Face Finishing Moisturiser.
– Illamasqua nail varnish in Ruthless and Illamasqua lipstick in Box – both vibrant red shades – perfect with an LBD for the Christmas party season.

Make our hangover go away please
A Bloody Mary (at the Big Chill Bar) or Peppermint Tea depending on how big the hangover is. Always lots of water and a Healthy (ish) English breakfast. Book the day off work and get some rest!


Spa manager Lisa Ward

Pre-party pampering tips?
Preparation preparation preparation! Prepare your skin a few days before with a scrub and face mask. Push back the cuticles on your finger and toe nails, so  they’ll be ready just to paint the night before. Do a ful- body exfoliation and have your sparkly body cream to hand for that all-over body glow. And of course waxing is essential.

Instant makeover?
I would reapply the essential make-up to look good fast.

If you were a guest at Seaham Hall’s Serenity Spa, which treatment would you book?
An Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial and Aroma stone therapy.


Royal Malewane Bush Spa South AfricaKRUGER NATIONAL PARK
Spa Director Paula McFarlane

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
I’ll be ringing in the New Year amidst friends and family, with plenty of bubbles and tons of fun.

Pre-party pampering ritual?
Book a pampering session with yourself for some serious indulgence and relaxation. Treat yourself to two glasses of water, a fruit cocktail, a multi-vitamin and a well-balanced lunch that includes a good source of protein such as fish. Relax into a blissful bubble bath, and use aromatherapy candles or oils to make the world melt away. Finish off with a good moisture-rich body lotion and you really will be nourished from the inside out.

Instant makeover – what’s your favourite way to look better fast?

It depends how much time that you have… My 30-minute makeover would be a slight sprinkling of powder in my hair and a quick blow-dry to disguise any greasiness before styling it in a rough up-do. I’d then touch up my make-up with a quick slick of eyeliner and mascara to open up my peepers, followed by a little colour in the form of blusher and lip gloss to look healthy and vibrant. If time is not on your side, a quick pinch of your cheeks (to add some instant colour) and a touch of pinky lip gloss will do the trick.

DermalogicaFavourite beauty products?
I adore the Dermalogica, Nimue and RejimA ranges. For make-up, I swear by the Kanebo foundation and 380° mascara, as well as Michellori’s Smearproof black eyeliner.

Any advice on how to prevent a hangover?
• Drink moderately – It bears repeating, but not drinking to the point of intoxication is your best chance of ensuring that your chance of  hangover is nil. Enjoying a few drinks with friends can be fabulous; drinking to get smashed should be avoided.
Royal Malewane Bush Spa• Water – Dehydration is one of the main causes of a hangover. Be proactive and drink a glass of water before indulging in any alcohol and alternate water with alcoholic beverages throughout the evening. If you have over-indulged, a large glass of water before going to bed and water throughout the next day will go a long way to relieving any discomfort.
• Food – Eating any food, especially fatty or greasy food, prior to a bout of drinking will slow the absorption of alcohol in the body by providing a lining in the stomach. In some cultures, people drink a spoonful of olive oil prior to heading out for a night on the town!

And how about making it go away?
Take it easy… sleep in: rest is your best friend and exactly what your body needs to recover. Replenish lost fluids with fruit juice (orange juice is great as it’s packed with vitamin C) and water. Avoid caffeine as this will just dehydrate you further, making you feel even worse later on. Drink a sports drink to replace those lost electrolytes and have something to eat; preferably food that is nutrient- and mineral-rich. You should be feeling right as rain in no time!


Pool at Finca Cortesin, Marbella boutique hotel and spaFINCA CORTESIN MARBELLA, SPAIN
Cortesin Spa Director Guillermo Martin Rull

Pre-party pampering tips?
There is almost nothing more mood-enhancing and pampering than a trip to a spa. Once you’ve been exfoliated, moisturised and massage, all you had to do is sit back and feel good.

Instant makeover?
I have no doubt about this. We have a special treatment – our Flash-effect Facial. This treatment, for both men and women, oxygenates the skin, smoothes facial contours and immediately gives you a radiant complexion. Perfect  for a big night out.

Favourite products?
Biologique Recherche: authenticity and harmony are the spirit and essence of Biologique Recherche skincare products.

How do you prevent a hangover?
First of all, you have to know your limits. Drink as much water as you can, before, during and after. Choose light liquors over dark liquors. Stick with one type of alcohol and stick to non-carbonated mixers. Eat something before going to sleep.


Kasbah Tamadot spa MoroccoKASBAH TAMADOT

Spa Manager Helen Cain

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
I have a little girl so it’s not the evening it used to be! Having a meal with friends will be the highlight of the evening.

Pre-party pampering tips?
Always have a facial: our Aromatherapy Associates‘ Anti-age is a real treat! Exfoliate the skin prior to having a spray tan; for this I like to use a Voya seaweed scrub. I always paint Essie nail varnishmy nails with an Essie nail polish – it’s the best on the market for staying power!

Instant makeover?
A skin brightener under your foundation and false eyelashes.

Top detoxing tip?
Hot water and lemon every morning will get your system working.


Woolley Grange spa child-friendlyTHE SPA WOOLLEY GRANGE WILTSHIRE
Spa Manager Amy Harper

Instant makeover?
Paint your nails and apply an evening eyeliner and lipstick; team this with some heels and you’ve transformed your look from day to night – no one needs to know if you came straight from the office!

Favourite beauty products?
Comfort Zone Eye Supreme Multi-Active eye patches – just peel from the packet and place around the eye area for 10–15mins (maybe while your nails are drying) and it will give you instant lift as well as reducing dark circles and those dreaded eye bags. They really are worth every penny (mums, take note!

How do you get rid of your hangover?
Sleep! Failing that, a fresh fruit smoothie, or fresh orange juice (Vitamin C gives you a great energy boost); whatever you do, don’t reach for the coffee – if you don’t have a headache now, the caffeine will definitely give you one. Plenty of water will speed your way to feeling human again!

Top detoxing tips?
A massage will boost your circulation and speed the natural detox of your body; it will also calm your nervous system and allow you some much needed ‘me’ time, which will leave you feeling positive and ready to face those New Year’s resolutions!


Etali Safari Lodge spa Madikwe Game ReserveETALI SAFARI LODGE

Spa Therapist
Angeline Masilela

Pre-party pampering tips?
•    Get a fine spray bottle, fill it with natural mineral water and spray on your freshly made-up face. Don’t dab or wipe. This will make your make-up stay looking fresh for longer.
•    The magic wand! Mascara can transform stumpy, short, mousy eyelashes. Let the first coat dry; apply another and use an eyelash comb to remove any excess. If you use a lash curle,r always curl first before using your ‘magic wand’.
•    If you love bright and shiny jewel-coloured eyeshadow, go for a slightly tinted lip balm or ‘barely there’ gloss on your lips, to compliment and not clash with the hues on your eyes.
•    Avoid putting foundation on your eyelids: just blot them with colourless face powder and then apply your shade of choice. This helps to stop smudging and reduces the oiliness that can show up those tell-tale lines on our lids.
Moya bath oils•    Shades are bigger these days. Go for them! They not only protect your eyes, they hide some wrinkles (let’s call them smiley lines!). Of course, many of you will not have any of those yet, but the more protection you have the longer you will be without them…

Favourite beauty products?
Africology and Moya, because they are great South African products.

Best detox treatment at Etali Spa?
The Tlhakanya African massage; it’s truly unique.


Head of Treatments Sophie Mullings

Pre-party pampering tips?
I always bath and never shower before a night out. Firstly, I cleanse with SPC Rose Cleanser, tone with SPC Rose Toner, exfoliate  and apply a face treatment oil to my skin; then I allow plenty of time to soak in steaming hot water with a Shea Butter Complexion mask on my face and neck.

Jessica Intrigue nail polishInstant makeover?
Paint your nails! Colour of the season has to be Jessica’s Intrigue.

Favourite beauty products?
SPC Kiwi Complexion Scrub, closely followed by SPC White Chocolate Body Cream – good enough to eat! (although I wouldn’t advise you to try that…)

We love the Kiwi Complexion Scrub too; we tried it at the Baglioni spa earlier this year. Best detox product?
A body brush is a great investment, as it never runs out and the list of benefits from regular use is never-ending. Use it with a good product for maximum effect: SPC Ginger Body Scrub stimulates circulation, flushes and removes excess fluids; SPC Citrus Body Moisturiser relieves the effects of hormonal bloating and water retention and helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite.


Agua Spa at Sanderson hotel LondonAGUA SPA SANDERSON LONDON
Director of Spa Jac Kneebone

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
I’ll be at a beach party in South Africa. Can’t wait.

Pre-party pampering tips?
I would be booked in for a Salt Scrub, a Tan with James Read, and one of our express manicure and pedicures. It is the perfect combination.

Instant makeover – what’s your favourite way to look better fast?
Having my eyebrows shaped and tinted, and a workout with Jamie in the gym does wonders.

Eve Lom TLC Radiance CreamFavourite beauty products?
Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream
YSL Touché Éclat
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

How do you get rid of a hangover?
A hangover is simple dehydration and your system experiencing an intense healing crisis. It is crucial that you replace the fluid and minerals lost. The Agua spa cuisine menu includes a jetlag rescue smoothie in the Beauty Juice selection which is just perfect for this; it includes superfoods orange juice, hemp seeds, stabilised oxygen and Vitamin C Powder.

Which treatment would you book at the Sanderson’s Agua Spa?
I am a devotee of the Eve Lom Experience: the massage phase, using Reiki techniques, works extensively over the solar plexus and abdomen and is truly relaxing. All our therapists are trained by Eve herself, so while it is 100% results driven, the quality of skill provided is exceptional.


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