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As the election looms closer, we swing-o-meter fans are thinking of new and inventive ways to see in results night. We’ve already told you about election events in London, including The Arch’s MP-faced eclairs and Brown’s Hotel’s Commons-related canapés, and now St James’s Hotel and Club wants to play…

Anyone up for a bit of election fever in Mayfair on 6 May should make their way to William’s Bar & Bistro at gentleman’s club St James’s, where they’ll be greeted by a televised version of Peter Snow’s all-time favourite night, party-themed cocktails and free coloured popcorn (red, yellow and blue, of course).

The special cocktails will be available from 3 May and come in the same colours as the popcorn, so you can match your political persuasion down to your snacks.

RED for Brown backers
Shake gin, Grand Marnier, orange juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice and grenadine
Strain into an ice-filled collins glass
Garnish with redcurrants or raspberries

YELLOW for Clegg’s contingent
Mix cacacha rum, limoncello, sugar syrup, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and ice
Pour into a martini glass
Decorate with passion fruit and lemon

BLUE for Cameron comrades
Pour vodka, triple sec, Blue Curacao and lemon juice into a flute
Top off with a generous slosh of champagne

And for anyone who’s indulged in one too many crazy coloured cocktails, a special overnight rate is available (£215 a room). Call our Travel Team on 0845 034 0700 to book.

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