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The minibar has certainly upped its game in recent years. No longer limited to only crisps, candy and tiny liquor bottles, the pint-sized bars have become pint-sized boutiques, offering everything from designer sunglasses (The New York Edition) to high-end lingerie (The Laslett) to art kits (The Cullen). Upping the amenity ante even further, The Standard – with locations in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles – has now made it possible to purchase CBD-infused edibles and body products right in the comfort of your hotel room.

As of this month, you can treat yourself to CBD-infused gum drops or a CBD-infused body lotion (or hey, try both to really get in the holiday groove) from the minibars at all Standard hotel locations. The chilled-out treats are part of a new collaboration between the hotel group and the LA-based cannabis company Lord Jones, who have embarked on a mission to make marijuana more sophisticated. In an interview with the Standard, Lord Jones co-founder Rob Rosenheck explained, ‘When we started, most edibles came in a plastic bag with a staple and no labels…We designed Lord Jones to be chic, but on a more fundamental level, we saw a huge opportunity to normalize the space by making products that stood for safety, reliability and efficacy.’


The Standard, Hollywood

So what can you expect from your posh pot? The fruit-flavoured gummies, made by hand, each contain 20mg of CBD (short for cannabidiol) – one of the active ingredients in cannabis. If you’re fearful of a full-on psychedelic spell, don’t worry; the candies are only meant to ease anxiety and boost feelings of calm. The body lotion, officially called Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Formula Body Lotion, is absorbed into the skin to alleviate muscle and joint pain. The full 50ml bottle contains 100mg of CBD, and each pump dispenses about 2mg of CBD.

Beyond the minibar, plans are in the works to open the first in-hotel dispensary at The Standard, Hollywood location. The full Lord Jones store – open to hotel guests or anyone passing through the lobby – will stock co-branded THC and CBD products, thus making a pitstop at the gift shop so much more enticing (no offense to souvenir magnets).

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, this is likely only the beginning of hotel-cannabis collaborations. Who knows, perhaps soon turndown will include a pot brownie on the pillow and spa treatments will feature CBD massage oil. These are high times, for sure.

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