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Stylish home tech: Ruark Audio's digital radioWe like, we need… a Ruark R1 Mk3 digital radio, £199.99 – the perfect audio kit for the hard-to-please.

What? A high-spec, great-value radio that looks as handsome on boutique-hotel bedside tables as it does on your kitchen counter (or bookshelf, or mantelpiece…).

Why? No other New Year’s resolution will have the staying power of a promise to listen to great music more often – especially if you combine it with a ban on scrolling through pointless social posts after 9pm. Wrap your listening gear around one of these beautiful DAB radios instead: we dare you to find fault with it.

Tell me more This devilish-good-looking piece of iconic audio kit is produced by family-owned British company Ruark Audio, renowned for the distinctive sound and build quality of its speakers. The radio comes in walnut, black or white; there’s also a limited-edition ‘wallpaper print’ version designed by Osborne & Little. Pop it in one of the custom-designed leather CarryPacks for maximum kudos.

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Stay tuned: find out more about Ruark Audio or check out the 2015 Smith Hotel Awards winners.

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