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London’s queen of luxe loungewear, Olivia von Halle, is used to dressing fashion’s front-row favourites – Rihanna, Kate, Cara, Suki et al – and now she has bedecked our brand-new gift card in something suitably glamorous. We caught up with the posh-pyjama pioneer to talk travel, trends and, um, mango chutney…

Where do you call home right now?
I live in Islington, but our store is in Sloane Square which has been great for us – it feels like our spiritual home. In fact, the last person to interview me was Piers Morgan, who said ‘Olivia, some people might say you are a bit of a Sloane’. My response was: ‘Piers, some people might say you are a bit of a twat’.

Presumably you’re something of a globetrotting girl, though?
Yeah, I’m on the road a lot. We go to New York and Paris three times a year, I go over to Shanghai to monitor production because all of our silks are made there and I go and visit markets that are important for us: the Middle East, Russia, Japan, America…

Do you pick up inspiration as you go?
It’s a bit of a cliché but I really think that travel is so inspiring. To be able to get out of the studio, have a total refresh, look around you and get your head full of new and exciting ideas – it’s really important. We’ve done quite a few collections inspired by different cities – Tokyo (which is probably my favourite travel destination of all time), Shanghai, Moscow…

And now Morocco…
Yes! I’ve been going there for years now for holidays, for wild weddings… There’s something really amazing about the energy of the place and the colours are beautiful. The contrast of light and dark is really interesting as a designer. It’s such a huge source of inspiration – I think for many designers, not just me.

Olivia von Halle gift card

So what are your travel swear-bys?
I never leave home without, you guessed it, a pair of Olivia von Halle silk pyjamas, and my inflight reading of choice is probably Tatler: it’s my guilty pleasure. Oh, and I always take some mango chutney…

You’ve arrived in a new city, checked in to a blissful hotel, and unpacked your bags – what’s next?
Instantly go and have a look in the bathroom and if it ticks the boxes – great products, tempting tub – have a bath!

If you could raid anyone else’s suitcase…
I would love to see inside Daphne Guinness’ suitcase, though I suspect she travels with a giant trunk rather than a suitcase (and I don’t think I’d fit into any of her clothes).

If we could jet off for dinner anywhere in the world right now, where would you take us?
There’s an amazing restaurant in Shanghai called Mr & Mrs Bund which is a French restaurant, and it’s to die for. The Mr & Mrs Smith of Shanghai perhaps…

Where’s your favourite place to stay up all night?
Well, it was always Fabric so, yeah… [pulls sad face] #SaveFabric!

What’s your favourite hotel?
Maia, in the Seychelles – I went there for my honeymoon. Heaven.

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