Listen up: TuneSmith’s musical recommendations for January

Welcome to 2011! Here to ring in the changes is TuneSmith Rob Wood, marking another step towards the future with a blast from the past…


Tron Legacy by Daft Punk

When? Online or off
It’s return-to-form cyberpunk funk

The future has never sounded so retro: Daft Punk are here to prove it. They pretty much changed the sound of ’90s clubbing with their vocodered disco-whigging, but somehow they’ve remained relevant, ignored the the copycats and have bodyswerved the commercial black hole that dance music careered into. Electronic acts such as Justice may have taken their sound a step further, but when it came to soundtracking the sequel to ’80s cyber-flick Tron, Daft Punk were a no-brainer.