The Smiths broadcast in Bulgaria

A lovely chap called Peter Fritz from Bulgarian website Milliard City got in touch with me to do a Q&A session about luxury and hotels having watched our TV programme currently broadcasting in Eastern Europe. The intro (very roughly translated) says along the lines of ‘When you want to travel, and you want to get some information where do you go? The Discovery Channel, and particularly the The Smiths’ Hotels for 2… ‘

And here is the original interview in English:

Peter Juliet, it is a very tough to find right questions for you. Your activities are so ample and you must to have many amazing experiences that it is a very challenging thing to choose some element from your life. But, really I have found some interesting fact what I would like to ask you at first. I have read some info about you and your positive connection to bed. It can be great job to allow you to spend a lot of time in the bed. At other side, let me congratulate to so positive results of this activity as Mr & Mrs Smith TV and many great articles for major newpapers and magazines. Can you write me how is possible to do it?

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