Bank holiday blues? Don’t forget Paris

The August bank holiday (sorry non-UK readers, you may look away now) creeps up on you sometimes, suddenly popping onto the horizon the week before it strikes, and reminding you that it’s the last bona fide long-weekend opportunity before Christmas. Not got a getaway arranged yet? Oh well, never mind, you’ll never find anywhere with availability now; may as well give up.

Not really. Just joshing with you there.

Immodesty Blaize talks dirty weekends

Here at Mr & Mrs Smith we love Immodesty Blaize – not just for her looks, but also her travel savvy. While the glamorous burlesque star may not be the most inconspicuous guest, she was the ideal person for us to send incognito to review Il Salviatino in Florence. For more fantastic luxury travel advice, see p102 of the August issue of Country & Town House as Ms Blaize features in my monthly travel column for the glossy magazine. Meanwhile, here’s the uncut version of Immodesty’s globe-trotting fantasies…

Whisper to us your top tips for a sexy escape…
A dirty weekend is no time for budgeting – you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the hotel, not sightseeing, so splash out on the hotel. Go for romance and choose a room with an amazing bathroom or Jacuzzi, or a fabulous view. Even if it’s just a hut in the countryside, make it memorable. Imagine you’re in your own movie and play the part you’ve always dreamed of from start to finish. And, if you can, give yourself plenty of time to plan your weekend bag as travelling light is a strategic art, and you’ll want to feel your best.

Smith reviews: fashionista hangout, the Chedi Milan. It’s in Milan, obviously

The Chedi Milan, lounge viewAnd another review (they’re coming thick and fast at the moment): this time, our Smith spies have been in La Bella Italia, in that most stylish of fashion capitals, Milan. They took refuge in the spankingly chic new urban resort in the up-and-coming Boviso district known as The Chedi Milan, and here’s a little excerpt from their report:

I have no idea why the Campari family have kept the ingredients secret for 150 years. Health & Safety should ensure that the ingredients to make it are published everywhere, else innocent people with a few random herbs in their larder and some cough syrup might make some Campari by accident. Is it really worth the risk?

Insider travel website Area Daily: we ask the questions

Ah, Mondays. Don’t you just love to hate ’em? Definitely the best day of the week to spend a few idle online moments casting your eyes around in search of sunny pictures, faraway inspiration and otherwise entertaining distractions from the daily grind – presumably what brought you to our balmy travel blog shores in the first place. Well today we’re going to signpost you to another insider travel site, Area Daily, because we’re generous like that when it comes to kindred spirits, and because we recently caught up with the site’s energetic and travel-obsessed founder, Christine Magda. Here’s what she had to say…


Area Daily insider travel adviceTell us a bit about Area Daily: what inspired you to get it started?

The concept of Area came about as a group of friends were searching for a resource that would give the inside scoop on where locals were dining and hanging out in cities around the world.

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