Pet-friendly hotels

There’s animal magic in the air at Mr & Mrs Smith this week, so prick your ears and wag your tails for our brand new selection of pet-friendly hotels. In the past, we’ve picked out dream wedding venues, family getaways, budget boutiques and safari stays – and now we’ve rounded up 133 luxury retreats, all of whom extend their welcome to guests of the furry, four-legged variety. With these cherry-picked charmers, shriek-inducing cattery bills, guilty feelings and sulking pets will all be things of the past. (Since we know there may be some dissenters – the kind who prefer animals on their plate rather than in their boudoir – here’s a little something for you.)

In this post, we’re focusing on ten of our 35 UK-based pet-pampering pads, in destinations like cream-tea-temptation Devon, surfer-central Cornwall, or trad-seaside Suffolk. In case you needed any more reason to indulge in a romantic getaway, before summer draws to a close, this collection is it…

The Inn Thing 3: Love a duck

The Crown Inn, AmershamLast week, Mr & Mrs Smith’s production queen Jasmine (who sorts out the printing of our books and all the lovely pictures on our site and arranges hotel reviews and, ooh, about six million other things) and I headed into the darkest depths of the Metropolitan line to Amersham, Buckinghamshire. It’s a sleepy satellite market town on the fringes of the Chilterns; one of those places that you half-recognise at every turn because of the fact that it’s routinely called in to play the role of ‘sleepy satellite market town’ in film. A role, I should add, that it performs with aplomb.

I’ll confess now that mooching around the Home Counties commuter belt is not my preferred means of disporting myself on a Thursday night, but when there’s an Ilse Crawford-designed boutique hotel to check out and the promise of a roast duck dinner, I’d happily fly Ryanair to Tasmania.

Brazilian boutique beach chic

Bahia, BrazilJust yesterday, we launched our October collection, and (as promised last month) beefed up our Brazilian boutique-hotel selection in the process. Not content with just three luxury city hotels in Rio, which we had previously, we dispatched the intrepid Laura and Katy to the beach-lined state of Bahia to uncover the finest in coastal comfort, shore-side chic and palm-shaded luxury. Returning with capirinha-giddy tales of jungle adventure, high-drama capoeira performances, scuba delights and private plane rides, our hotel hounds didn’t disappoint (but then, it’d be pretty hard to fail when your mission is essentially ‘go and sample the luxuries of a tropical beach paradise’). Thanks to a combination of their sophisticated tastes, their impeccable Smith sense, and some darn fine note-taking abilities, we now have five heart-stoppingly beautiful boutique resorts in our collection.

New hotels in North America and the UK

Another month, another mouth-watering selection of boutique hotels... After last month's tropical island extravaganza, our hotel-hunters have been dividing their time trans-atlantically, pinpointing hot new…
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