We ask the questions: Q&A with Luxury Travel editor, Alyson Cook

Luxury Travel Editor Alyson TaylorCredit crunch, schmedit crunch… what we all need during January’s bleaker moments is a bit of holiday escapism. So we quizzed editor of Luxury Travel magazine Alyson Cook about the highs and lows of luxury, and asked her for some luxe-for-less tips to make your budget go further


Define ‘luxury’…
Luxury for me is the chance to relax and hide away in a hotel incognito; unrecognised by an enthusiastic general manager keen to impress me with his latest, luxury suite tour! I love my job and I have been privileged to stay at some amazing places, but I also guard my privacy with the family – the chance to be with them, undisturbed, in a sunny location, preferably with a good book in one hand and a glass of fine white wine in the other, is my ideal relaxation.

Beat the credit crunch with our top 10 budget travel tips

Who says the financial gloom-mongers’ talk of a recession need rain on your parade? And who says you have to give up your well-earned spoil-yourself boutique breaks because of it? Here are Mr & Mrs Smith’s top ‘style on a shoestring’ tips for travelling smarter and making your money go further …

1. It may sound blindingly obvious, but if you travel closer to home, you’ll save a bundle on travel costs (especially with petrol prices taking a nosedive recently – although those just as concerned about saving the planet as they are saving cash might like to investigate advance fares and split tickets*). We’ve already extolled the virtues of the great British coast, but how about exploring some of its glorious countryside: the Cotswolds, the Peak District, Harrogate and the Dales, Devon, the Brecon Beacons… it’s all there for the taking.