Show us your #roomservice

So, the New York Hilton has decided to ditch room service. Lack of interest from its guests apparently, as this article in The Independent muses. Here at…

Lime Wood’s raw talent: chef Luke Holder’s new spa cuisine menu

Lime Wood has added a new spa-cuisine feather to their award-winning culinary cap: Raw & Cured is the hotel’s health bar, a mouthwatering new reason to visit Herb House…

As suited to indulgence as it is, this glossy gourmet Hampshire hideaway on the leafy fringes of the New Forest won’t have you loosening your waistbands on your next stay. Fear not, we’re not threatening abstinence. We’re celebrating this decadent bolthole’s new organic spa-cuisine perch, Raw & Cured.

So near, so spa

It’s that time of your when we start to regret all that festive over-indulgence and the thought of wearing swimwear by summer inspires pearls of sweat to appear on our foreheads faster than you can say ‘Book me that spa break!’

So here are a few of our favourite spa retreats in Blighty to whet your appetite (no, not that one) for a healthier spell…

Aquarias Spa

Easton Grey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Don’t be deceived by the historical look of this manor-house hotel – Aquarias and its part-inside, part-outdoor hydrotherapy pool is pure 21st-century.

Sip it and see: wine-tasting at Chewton Glen

Baron Philippe de Rothschild tasting event at Chewton GlenThere can be few things more irksome than being left out while an entire roomful of smug people simultaneously rave about something you’ve never tried (like a super-exclusive wine) or somewhere you’ve never been (like a favourite hotel) – and believe me, at Mr & Mrs Smith, it’s a regular occurrence. It’s like being back in the playground, having missed that vital episode of Dynasty and therefore being condemned to permanent social Coventry. See sample conversation below.

New Forest spa hotel Chewton Glen, Hampshire Colleague 1: ‘I was at Chewton Glen for a spa weekend last month, we had such a great time…’

Colleague 2: ‘Oh yes, I love it there! The New Forest is so lovely. And aren’t the rooms great?’

Colleague 3: ‘Yes, we stayed in the Poachers Suite when we went down last year…’

Colleague 2: ‘That’s where we stayed too! The bathroom’s amazing, isn’t it? And what about that two-person shower, eh!’ [repeat ad nauseam with self-congratulatory smiles all round]

Even anonymous members of the public were rubbing it in, voting Chewton Glen on of the top three ‘Best UK hotels‘ in a recent poll in the Sunday Times Travel supplement.

It used to annoy me. But not any more. Because – drum roll please – I am now a fully signed-up member of the official Chewton Glen Fan Club and feel that entitles me to a lengthy gush about a wonderful wine-tasting evening I recently spent at Hampshire’s Most Splendiferous Spa-Enhanced Country-House Hotel.