Smith trips: Maggie meets Marrakech

Mr & Mrs Smith’s hotel relations manager, Maggie, just got back from a week in Morocco where she and Peggy took a quick whistle-stop tour of Smith’s Marrakech hotel collection, and also unearthed a new range of ravishing riads and gorgeous Maroc palaces.

So, Maggie, you’ve recently landed from Marrakech – bring anything new back in your luggage?

Loads of mint tea, actually.

Splendid – is the mint tea pretty special out there then? Better than Twinings?

Definitely – it’s the real stuff. If only I could be in a gorgeous riad every time I drank it…Riad 12

Indeed. Speaking of gorgeous riads, where did you visit while you were there?

Well, we saw all of the places that we know and love in the Smith collection, such as Noir d’Ivoire which is incredible, and Riad 72 and Riad 12 which both have fewer than four rooms and make you feel like you are a guest in their home.

Everyone I speak to raves about Noir d’Ivoire – what’s all the fuss about?

Firstly, the owner Jill is so involved in running it, and knows all her guests by name. She makes you feel so comfortable and will always sit down for a drink and a chat. Not to mention that the place is beautifully done. It is very grown-up: dramatic fabrics and great big baths – seriously big.

Lucy was saying that Jill’s just had a load of new rooms built. Are they finished? What are they like?

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