We ask the questions: Nanette Lepore Q&A

Fashion designer Nanette Lepore is known for her opulent fabrics and flirty, feminine silhouettes. At the tender age of nine, this dedicated fashionista was already outfitting her neighbours…

Bank holiday blues? Don’t forget Paris

The August bank holiday (sorry non-UK readers, you may look away now) creeps up on you sometimes, suddenly popping onto the horizon the week before it strikes, and reminding you that it’s the last bona fide long-weekend opportunity before Christmas. Not got a getaway arranged yet? Oh well, never mind, you’ll never find anywhere with availability now; may as well give up.

Not really. Just joshing with you there.

New hotel collections in Paris and Marrakech

This month’s new boutique hotel launches are brought to you by the letters P and M, and by the number 14. 14 because there are, well, 14 of them, and P and M partly because January’s destinations of choice are Paris and Marrakech, and partly because our new hotels have been cherry-picked by the Smith hotel relations team of Peggy and Maggie. See what I did there?

Riad Tarabel, Marrakech, MoroccoIn Marrakech, we’ve rounded up some romantic riads, including an antique-filled colonial gem in the heart of the Medina, Riad Tarabel, which comes complete with its own resident parrot, and which Maggie raved about on this very travel blog.

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