La Mirande, Avignon: hotel of the week

This week we're craving Provençal cuisine in palatial surroundings. La Mirande boutique hotel in mediaeval Avignon – a regally rustic stay housed in a 14th-century cardinal's mansion –…

Westfield gets a taste of South West France

Croque Gascon – Westfield – LondonLast week, to much long-time-coming fanfare, the capital’s ultimate retail behemoth opened its doors and invited shopaholics to prise open their hearts (and wallets) for the all-singing (Leona Lewis) all-dancing (Sugababes) opening of Westfield. Europe’s largest shopping centre comprises a 43-acre patch of West London north of Shepherd’s Bush, in White City and has all the usual high street suspects as well as a few designer exclusives, but really what had our mouths watering was the menu awaiting us at Croque Gascon. It’s a great incentive for those who visit London to shop here, bringing the flavours and produce from South West France – cheeses, charcuterie and the best of the region’s wines – to W12.

The Smiths broadcast in Bulgaria

A lovely chap called Peter Fritz from Bulgarian website Milliard City got in touch with me to do a Q&A session about luxury and hotels having watched our TV programme currently broadcasting in Eastern Europe. The intro (very roughly translated) says along the lines of ‘When you want to travel, and you want to get some information where do you go? The Discovery Channel, and particularly the The Smiths’ Hotels for 2… ‘

And here is the original interview in English:

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