Love is in the hair

November’s just around the corner, which means that the charitable moustachioed types over at Movember are swinging into action again. If you’ve never encountered their…

So near, so spa

It’s that time of your when we start to regret all that festive over-indulgence and the thought of wearing swimwear by summer inspires pearls of sweat to appear on our foreheads faster than you can say ‘Book me that spa break!’

So here are a few of our favourite spa retreats in Blighty to whet your appetite (no, not that one) for a healthier spell…

Aquarias Spa

Easton Grey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Don’t be deceived by the historical look of this manor-house hotel – Aquarias and its part-inside, part-outdoor hydrotherapy pool is pure 21st-century.