Spectacular spectacular Château de Lartigolle

Burlesque at Château de Lartigolle, Gers, France

Beloved Smith & Friends self-catering property Château de Lartigolle in Gers is known for hosting special social shindigs, Burlesque at Château de Lartigolle, Gers, Franceand this summer they really wowed us with their Burlesque event. Hope you like my and Gavin Mitchell’s snapshots of this rather sexy soirée.

As well as serving a feast in their party-perfect vaulted cellar, London’s Tassel Club entertained revellers with risqué performances from a Marilyn-esque Banbury Cross and Bettie-Page-y Annette Betté Kallow (although what truly took our breath away was Miss Peacock’s magnificent hula-hooping).

Soundtracking these festivities throughout were top-hatted tune-spinners Bart & Baker and the Parisian DJs’ unique electro-poppy blend of swing. But enough of this chit-chat – what you really want are some snapshots from these sexy shenanigans, yes? So here we go…


Scraper sites: pesky opportunists

Don’t you hate scrapers? OK, unless you’re a web geek you might not know what one is*. But have you ever typed in a website address slightly incorrectly and got a page which at first glance looks like the one you’re after… but then you realise it’s an imposter? Let’s say you type in what you think is the URL for the Smith homepage but miss out a letter ‘S’ somewhere in the middle of the address – well chances are you’ll get one. Ugh. And I’m not going to dignify their existence by putting in an example link here, sorry.

Apart from all the breach of copyright issues with the content, the problem these scraper sites present within the travel industry is they can divert users to unlicensed agents or dupe web surfers into making a booking not with the hotel or company they think they’ve sought out.

Game on: Michael Caines’ seasonal roast partridge recipe

Chef Michael Caines in the kitchens of Gidleigh Park hotel, DevonGame season is now officially here, so we’ve managed to persuade someone considerably better at cooking than us – chef Michael Caines – to devise a seasonal recipe for you: Roast Partridge with braised chicory, quince puree, toasted walnuts, wild mushrooms and a Gewürztraminer wine sauce. Ok, so it’s a bit involved, but trust us, it’s well worth the effort. You can do a lot of the prep earlier in the afternoon and then just finish off the meat, cook the prepared mushrooms and reheat the other elements when you’re ready to serve up.

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