Boutique hotel style | Digital radio by Ruark Audi0

Style monitor: now hear this

This month, Style Monitor craves a Ruark R1 Mk3 digital radio: the perfect audio kit for the hard-to-please. This high-spec, great-value radio looks as handsome on boutique-hotel bedside tables as it does on your kitchen counter (or bookshelf, or mantelpiece…).

Travel and mobile technology

It’s not all luxury hotel breaks and glamorous destinations at Mr & Mrs Smith, sometimes we have to focus on the more serious business of, well, business. Last week I popped in on a presentation hosted by The Daily Telegraph and sponsored by T-Mobile. The speakers were, naturally, a rep from T-mobile (Ollie Chivers, head of business marketing), and Professor Jim Norton, head of e-business at the Institute of Directors). The topic was the rather prosaic-sounding: ‘Boosting profitability through mobile working’.

Dirty Gadget Weekend

From the T3 Magazine - Dirty Gadget Weekend T3 showcase the hotels that will tickle your gadget spot We've begun our global tour of hotels…