Pet-friendly hotels

There’s animal magic in the air at Mr & Mrs Smith this week, so prick your ears and wag your tails for our brand new selection of pet-friendly hotels. In the past, we’ve picked out dream wedding venues, family getaways, budget boutiques and safari stays – and now we’ve rounded up 133 luxury retreats, all of whom extend their welcome to guests of the furry, four-legged variety. With these cherry-picked charmers, shriek-inducing cattery bills, guilty feelings and sulking pets will all be things of the past. (Since we know there may be some dissenters – the kind who prefer animals on their plate rather than in their boudoir – here’s a little something for you.)

In this post, we’re focusing on ten of our 35 UK-based pet-pampering pads, in destinations like cream-tea-temptation Devon, surfer-central Cornwall, or trad-seaside Suffolk. In case you needed any more reason to indulge in a romantic getaway, before summer draws to a close, this collection is it…

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