Capella Washington DC: hotel of the week

European-inspired luxury, fine dining and larger-than-life guestrooms, Georgetown’s Capella Washington DC is right at home in its well-heeled neighborhood. Style Marble and mahogany Setting Canal-side Georgetown…
Henri Bendel shopping in Washington DC

The shopping list: Washington DC

The Shopping List rummages through Smith's latest bundle of insider city tips to highlight lesser-known shopping destinations and bring you the low-down on where and…
St Regis hotel Washington DC

Hotel of the week: St Regis DC

The way to our hearts is through our bellies, and this week we’re dying to try the award-winning delights at the St Regis hotel in Washington DC. January detox, us? You’re having a laugh…

St Regis hotel Washington DCStyle Old-world wow
Setting Right by the White House

Why this week? Until the end of February, Smith members can stay Friday and Saturday and then stick around for Sunday night free – without paying a penny. Alain Ducasse’s Adour restaurant has also been in the spotlight recently, winning no less than three awards, which named it one of the top five places to eat in Washington DC, and voted its baba pudding the best in town.

Brazilian boutique beach chic

Bahia, BrazilJust yesterday, we launched our October collection, and (as promised last month) beefed up our Brazilian boutique-hotel selection in the process. Not content with just three luxury city hotels in Rio, which we had previously, we dispatched the intrepid Laura and Katy to the beach-lined state of Bahia to uncover the finest in coastal comfort, shore-side chic and palm-shaded luxury. Returning with capirinha-giddy tales of jungle adventure, high-drama capoeira performances, scuba delights and private plane rides, our hotel hounds didn’t disappoint (but then, it’d be pretty hard to fail when your mission is essentially ‘go and sample the luxuries of a tropical beach paradise’). Thanks to a combination of their sophisticated tastes, their impeccable Smith sense, and some darn fine note-taking abilities, we now have five heart-stoppingly beautiful boutique resorts in our collection.