Bank holiday blues? Don’t forget Paris

The August bank holiday (sorry non-UK readers, you may look away now) creeps up on you sometimes, suddenly popping onto the horizon the week before it strikes, and reminding you that it’s the last bona fide long-weekend opportunity before Christmas. Not got a getaway arranged yet? Oh well, never mind, you’ll never find anywhere with availability now; may as well give up.

Not really. Just joshing with you there.

Smith reviews: Clos du Léthé, a chic maison d’hôtes in Languedoc-Roussillon

As you may or may not know, one of the most important things we do at Mr & Mrs Smith is get every property in our hotel collection anonymously reviewed by a real-life couple: it’s the only way to really make sure the hotel lives up to our romantic expectations and is a tip-top together-time destination, whether it’s for a wild weekend away or picked for our list of super-romantic honeymoon hideaways.

Mr & Mrs Smith reviews are written by a panel of friends and people we admire, who we trust absolutely in terms of reporting back to us on Smith hotels. The only requirement is that our reviewers visit each hotel anonymously with a partner, and on their return, give us the kind of honest lowdown you would expect from a friend. Of course, sometimes Mr & Mrs Smith and their extended team of spies review hotels they find on their under-the-covers missions.

Infinity pool at Clos du Léthé hotel in Languedoc-Roussillon, France

We post new hotel reviews on the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection site every month, and now we’ll tip you off every time our spies are back with news. This week, we’ve reviewed Clos du Léthé, an art-filled boutique B&B just outside the mediaeval duchy of Uzès in southern France.