Will Beckett, restaurateur and cocktail connoisseur: we ask the questions

After Anthony’s post (Best steak in London?) about the so-good-we-drooled T-bones Team Smith had at the Hawksmoor steakhouse, we thought you might like to meet Will Beckett, the well-travelled man behind the meat, as it were. [Thinking to self: goodness, must rein in those cheesy puns.] A kindred soul of Smith’s, he’s not averse to globetrotting in the name of research – scouring the world for the finest cocktail ingredients and menu inspirations (and, from time to time, fine ale). So, while Will himself is on a tequila-tasting mission way down Mexico way, we bring you his porch-sitting, beach-dreaming, voodoo-drinking responses to Juliet’s travel-related grilling. [Really. Must.]