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Moët & Chandon

If you intend to spend any time poolside at the Chateau Marmont this summer (and really, with their classic Hollywood style and lounge-meets-luxe vibe, who wouldn’t want to do a little sunbathing at the Marmont’s pool?) there are a variety of cocktail options for you to sip on, but there’s one drink on the menu that may surprise you. Champagne (ok, not that shocking, but wait for it) with…ice?

While ice in your wine may seem like a cardinal cocktail sin (or at the very least, something your mom might do), Möet Chandon just released their new Ice Impérial Rosé – a rosé Champagne designed to be served on the rocks. Made up of a combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier (35% to 45%) and Chardonnay, Ice Impérial is blended to be particularly intense, which is why the addition of ice keeps things mellow on your palate (the company recommends imbibing Ice Impérial with approximately three ice cubes).

Möet winemaker Elise Losfelt told the LA Times that ‘it’s really a Champagne that breaks the rules – it’s disruptive…. I think it will probably take around 10 years for people to get used to it.’ The Chateau Marmont is one of the select Los Angeles locations that are offering the drink this summer, but there are plans to roll out Impérial Ice across the country later this year.

Does sipping rosé with ice sound appealing or strange? Take a trip to the Chateau and decide for yourself – it’s probably worth the risk.

Featured image via the Chateau Marmont

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