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It’s no secret we’ve had a thing for Canada lately. And we’re especially smitten with the stylish details at Prince Edward County’s Drake Devonshire hotel, right down to the vivid floral prints that line the halls. Hand-screened in Brooklyn, the wallpaper comes from Flavor Paper – a company that has taken a somewhat outdated interior design element and turned it on its head. Just check out their Brooklyn Toile, which was created with rapper Mike D of the Beastie Boys and features images of Coney Island, NYC’s subway and Notorious BIG. Recently we chatted with Flavor Paper’s founder and designer Jon Sherman about how travel factors into his wall-to-wall creations.

The inside story: Flavor Paper

Vivid Victorian wallpaper in the hallways of the Drake Devonshire hotel

How did you wind up making wallpaper?

In 2003, I was in real estate development in Florida when I heard about an out-of-business wallpaper company in Oregon with creations that looked cool and completely unique. The West Coast producer gave me the large silk screens and equipment, but I had to pick them up within 24 hours. Suddenly, I had a 52-foot, 4-ton screen-printing table, which I moved to New Orleans and then later to Brooklyn, Flavor Paper’s current headquarters.

How has travel influenced your designs?

I’m constantly trying to find new sources of inspiration by stepping outside my normal routines. Travel and art (whether visiting museums or galleries) help me do this.

Clearly New York is the star in many of your designs – we’re huge fans of your Brooklyn Toile and Empire silkscreened mural. Are there any other cities that move you?

There are no current plans for, say, a Paris or Istanbul toile. However, anything is possible as long as the inspiration is there and we can find some sort of connection with Flavor Paper.

The inside story: Flavor Paper

Brooklyn Toile, co-designed by Mike D of the Beastie Boys

What about plans to feature other landmarks?

Well, we have done other designs that pay tribute to landmarks, mostly ones local to New York. There’s our Brooklyn Bridge Wall and SoHo Brick Wall, for example. We also have cityscapes like our homage to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We love the Warhol and Klimt patterns. Do you have a favourite art museum?

The Cooper Hewitt museum in New York has always been one of my favourites. Plus, we’re honoured to have four of our designs in their permanent collection.

How did Queen Elizabeth end up in your prints?

The Queen Elizabeth paper is special because it’s part of a larger collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation. This collection has to be one of my proudest moments – to be able to reinterpret Warhol in ways that people respond to in an overwhelmingly positive fashion is amazing.

The inside story: Flavor Paper

Queen Elizabeth in Deep Purple and an Empire panel

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