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Ditch your plans to garden and re-organise your spice rack. Summer is meant for adventure, which is why we’ve created this bucket list (minus any morbid connotations that phrase implies) to infuse the dog days with a healthy amount of mischief. Slap on some SPF and prepare to sing, skinny-dip and stay up late from now till September.

Here are 20 adventures to consider for your summer…

1 Do karaoke and sing something seasonally clichéd like ‘Summer of ’69’.

2 Move opposite the masses and head to an off-season destination, like South Tyrol sans skis.

3 Hike in a national park.

4 Plan to go on a hike, but then day-drink instead.

Mystique in Santorini's rooftop restaurant

Mystique, Santorini

5 Stay up all night. You could drink cava in Barcelona, listen to jazz in Santorini… or do whatever seems fitting for the early morning hours.

6 Become an expert on synchronized swimming, then dazzle your friends during Olympic coverage in Rio.

7 Have a pillow fight in a hotel room.

8 Learn to say the equivalent of ‘Netflix and chill’ in three different languages/cultures. (We hear that in China inviting someone to play LoL (League of Legends) will do the trick, and in Vietnam you should suggest drinking lemon juice together).

Treehouse Hotel


9 Sleep in a treehouse (one here should do).

10 Take a road trip, even if it’s just for the weekend.

11 Make dinner reservations under a pseudonym (yes, you can borrow Mr & Mrs Smith).

12 Mix an Old Fashioned right at your seat in coach.

13 Go skinny-dipping… every night of your holiday.

14 Have a close encounter with a wild animal (it may be a wallaby if you crash at Saffire on the Freycinet Peninsula in Australia).

15 Find the smallest band at a music festival and be their biggest fan.

16 Send the tackiest postcard you can find.

17 Visit a historic spot, even if it’s just the shoot location of a previous Beyoncé music video (we’re looking at you Standard, High Line).


Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

18 Have a few drinks on a rooftop bar and then scream ‘I’m the king of the world!’ as you scan the sights below.

19 Dig for mussels. The folks at Fogo Island Inn will show you how to do it, and the in-house chef will even incorporate your bounty into your evening meal.

20 Try a new and exotic spa treatment, like the temazcal sweat lodges of Mexico.

Image via Getty Cristian Bortes / EyeEm 

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