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Our Smith24 team have been working their hand-knitted merino socks off this morning – we’ve been flooded with calls in response to our two-nights-for-the-price-of-one offer, which we’ve been running in association with The Times since Saturday. It seems that everyone has an eye for a bargain at the moment (I, for one have been more than unusually interested in the Sainsbury’s discount shelf this month); perhaps it’s something to do with that nasty financial business that there’ve been rumours about recently. Who knows?

Anyway, I don’t think anyone would raise their paws in objection if I said we all need a break, which is why we’ve picked out more than 40 of our favourite hotels in the UK, Europe and furChâteau de Bagnolsther afield, including extra-stylish London pads such as the Gore and Brown’s Hotel, famed country houses such as Cliveden and Fawsley Hall, South of France gourmet stays such as Domaine des Andéols and Château La Couronne, and, oooh, lobby-loads more. Every last one is offering Times readers the chance to whizz off for a half-price two-night stay. BOGOF, basically.

All you need to do is hotfoot it to the nearest newsagent, buy The Times (or if you’re really feeling the pinch, and are rather unscrupulous with it, just read it in the shop*), note down the three of the four passwords published between today and Friday, choose your hotel, and give our overworked Smith24 team a call (0845 034 0700). Or, if you fancy giving them a rest, email with your passwords, chosen hotel, and desired dates, and we’ll get it sorted for you.

So, dozens of amazing boutique hotels, two-nights for the price of one in each. What are you waiting for?

Get full details (with all the terms and conditions and whatnot).

*Don’t. Really. That wouldn’t be fair.

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