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Smithhotels Twitter feedLadies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and allow Mr & Mrs Smith a moment of smug self-congratulation. It’s back-slapping Friday here at Smith HQ – our travel-blogging team are collectively delighted to have our Twitterings recommended on the Telegraph’s top travel Tweeters list.

We’ve been playing around with Twitter for a little while now, letting our followers* know about exciting new hotel launches, what’s appearing on the blog, and the general musings of the Mr & Mrs Smith editorial office on all things travel related. It was a bit of a tentative experiment to start with, but we seem to have got into the swing of it just at a time when the whole world seems to have gone Twitter-mad.

We’re in illustrious company too – the article highlights some of our favourite fellow travel Twitterers (Tweeters? Twits?). Here’s a few of our favourite feeds:

@benjilanyado – globe-trotting Guardian journo who reviewed the boutique hotel in Sicily, Azienda Agricola Mandranova, for Mr & Mrs Smith

@deliciousbaby – an bottomless well of inspiration for child-toting travel

@laradunston – UAE-based guidebook writer and bloggess who gave us her insider’s guide to Dubai not long ago

@nerdseyeview – prolific blogger, avid traveller, and surprisingly personable nerd

And, of course:

@stephenfry – The undisputed King of Twitterland. All hail.

If you fancy keeping up with our adventures, check out @smithhotels and hit ‘follow’. We promise to be mildly entertaining at all times.

*That’s Twitter-speak, I don’t mean we’re some sort of cult.


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  • We are, like, so tweeting fabulous!

  • Congrats to that! I started following @benjilanyado not long ago. More often than not, he gives great recommendations. @laradunston is also a travel writer I think everyone ought to follow.

  • Thank you! And thanks, Erica, too!

    Much appreciated!

  • I’m still not entirely sure what the point is of Tweeting… I had a huge debate with my other half the other day trying to justify my existence on Twitter. (Tw*tter more like, he said.) And I confess I didn’t really succeed.

    You either shout about something fun/interesting you’re up to and then get lambasted by mates for being too ‘Ooh la di da look at me and my fabulous lifestyle’ OR you say something random and then the problem is one person’s off-the-wall and irreverent is another person totally try-hard. Gah.

    Ah well, I see some pretty darned cool places about Smith and I like to share them with everyone else I guess… even if I do sound place-name-droppy. Does that really make me such an erm, Twit?

  • Gavin @ Travel Adventures

    I will need to give Twitter a try, I keep getting told its of no good but 75% of the planet can’t be wrong.