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Smithhotels Twitter feedLadies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and allow Mr & Mrs Smith a moment of smug self-congratulation. It’s back-slapping Friday here at Smith HQ – our travel-blogging team are collectively delighted to have our Twitterings recommended on the Telegraph’s top travel Tweeters list.

We’ve been playing around with Twitter for a little while now, letting our followers* know about exciting new hotel launches, what’s appearing on the blog, and the general musings of the Mr & Mrs Smith editorial office on all things travel related. It was a bit of a tentative experiment to start with, but we seem to have got into the swing of it just at a time when the whole world seems to have gone Twitter-mad.

We’re in illustrious company too – the article highlights some of our favourite fellow travel Twitterers (Tweeters? Twits?). Here’s a few of our favourite feeds:

@benjilanyado – globe-trotting Guardian journo who reviewed the boutique hotel in Sicily, Azienda Agricola Mandranova, for Mr & Mrs Smith

@deliciousbaby – an bottomless well of inspiration for child-toting travel

@laradunston – UAE-based guidebook writer and bloggess who gave us her insider’s guide to Dubai not long ago

@nerdseyeview – prolific blogger, avid traveller, and surprisingly personable nerd

And, of course:

@stephenfry – The undisputed King of Twitterland. All hail.

If you fancy keeping up with our adventures, check out @smithhotels and hit ‘follow’. We promise to be mildly entertaining at all times.

*That’s Twitter-speak, I don’t mean we’re some sort of cult.


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