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Just a quick post to let you know that last night I took part in a live blogging session representing Mr & Mrs Smith, alongside fellow travel bloggers from Europe à la Carte, nerdseyeview and Travellerspoint.>. I’ve never done anything like this before and was a touch nervous to tell the truth – there’s a lot of pressure to make intelligent comments and to keep up with fast moving threads (responding to a comment after the subject’s already changed three times can make you look a tad eccentric).Live travel blogging

I’m relieved to say, however, it was great. There was an interesting mix of blogging company reps and independent travellers who blog simply for the fun of it – all of them really interesting people. I was pleased to see how much passion there is out there for travel writing, and blogging in particular as a creative outlet for it. It’s clear from our discussion, though, that there are some tough times ahead for individuals and companies whose blogs are dependent on ad revenue or closely monitored readership statistics – Wandalust, for example, has had quite a blog cull recently, and there will probably be more to follow. Independent blogs, that don’t depend on generating revenue, are certain to be at an advantage in the troubled times ahead.

That’s just my summary, but you can read the whole travel blog transcript too.

Thanks to Karen for organising the event – I’d love to be back next time.

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