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Last year we invited you to explore the farthest reaches of your keyboard with our ‘Travellers guide to emojis‘. This year, we’re focusing specifically on those googly-eyed globetrotters: the honeymooners. As you kick off wedded bliss with a celebratory trip, let us show you a few emojis that might come in handy. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, Mr & Mrs Smith is giving away a honeymoon to Sri Lanka, including stays at both Kahanda Kanda in Galle and Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Kandy, to the couple who can tell the best story of their ideal honeymoon using only emojis. Get all the details here.

Now, a look at those minuscule, yet magical icons…

Guide to emojis, honeyGuide to emojis, moonLet’s start with the basics: honey + moon. Your hotel is booked, your flights are sorted and you got that whole wedding thing out of the way. On to the best part… your holiday. Tap this duo out with pride.

Guide to emojis, BrideGuide to emojis, GroomYou’ve gorged on guac before, but have you eaten guac as a married couple?! Everything is new and wonderful, so throw these ceremonial figures next to any other emoji to show that you’re on a whole new adventure.

Guide to emojis, No gestureKeep this symbol on standby for anyone that tries to interrupt your trip with news from real life. Isn’t it margarita time by the pool again? Yeah, you’re busy.

Guide to emojis, islandWhether you’re actually heading to a tropical island, or your isolation from the rest of the world is just metaphorical, this sandy oasis signals an escape. It’s just you, your love and an itinerary that’s likely filled with lounging, massages and elaborate meals. Ahhhh…

Guide to emojis, EyesDrop these perked-up peepers to recreate the moment you first saw your honeymoon suite with the private pool, four-poster bed and outdoor shower. Also acceptable: hallelujah hands and the understated okay sign.

Guide to emojis, tropical drinkThese days, the tropical drink is basically the international symbol for chilling. Let the world know that you and your spouse are living all your rum-filled fantasies.

Guide to emojis, eggplantYes, the aubergine/eggplant – thanks to smart phones, this previously innocent veggie has now bested the banana as everyone’s favourite salacious food. You’re a married man/woman, so we trust that you know what to do with this guy (and the peach, too). Just use it (the emoji, that is) sparingly.

Guide to emojis, monkeyAnd that leads us to this playful fella… To keep texts and social media updates clean (you know you’ve got that random cousin following you), use a scandalized simian to take the place of all that you really shouldn’t say.

Featured image is the Dubu Suite at Kahanda Kanda

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