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Choose your own adventure: a slew of Broadway shows and a Central Park bike ride, an equine expedition with regular steak breaks in Argentina, or a romantic respite in the hilly countryside of Vermont. We’ll take them all. Here, Graham Kostic, co-founder and creative director of the colourfully-cool online magazine Glossed & Found, shares snapshots from his stay in the Big Apple. Plus, travel writer Rebecca Tay finds out where all the cowboys have gone, and Claire Mazur, the co-founder of artsy online shop Of a Kind, let’s us play third wheel on her amorous weekend.

Arlo NoMad hotel, New York City

Graham proves there’s no shame in his tourist game while staying at the Arlo NoMad

Graham Kostic gets down with the Great White Way while staying at Arlo NoMad in New York City 

After a delayed flight and mid-afternoon traffic getting into Manhattan, I arrived at the Arlo NoMad hotel with all guns blazing. Not to mention: completely starving.

‘Where’s the nearest oyster bar?’ I asked the concierge as I handed over my ID and credit card. My delay had set me back three hours and I had second-row seats for Cats on Broadway starting at 7pm, after all. Long story short: I had no time to fool around. I added: ‘Somewhere that will have a lively atmosphere right now.’

The man with a million-dollar smile at the front desk successfully managed to simultaneously check me in and jot down the address and directions for the perfect pre-theater shellfish. It was my first ‘Ahhh’ moment at the Arlo. The second? ‘The bodega behind you is open 24 hours,’ he added. Read more…

Estancia la Bamba de Areco, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

The equestrian show (left) and the Pulperia Lounge (right) at Estancia la Bamba de Areco

Rebecca Tay witnesses horse-whispering at Estancia la Bamba de Areco in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

We arrive just after lunch: a ‘light snack’ of traditional barbecued steak, ribs, chicken, chorizo and sausages, plus salads. Then, we’re treated to a horse show. We’re not sure what to expect. Will the gaucho sing? Dance with his horse? Will jumping be involved? Settled into a semi-circle on stretched-out loungers, the manager, Maria, asks us to stay quiet – ‘so the gaucho and his horse can concentrate together,’ she says – and then the show begins. It’s incredible: a mesmerising, horse-whispering show demonstrating the bond between horse and rider. At times, it’s sensual (for instance, when the gauchocoaxes his horse into a lying position, then slips between its front legs into a spooning position of sorts); at others, it’s simply breathtaking – like when the gaucho runs forward and leapfrogs into a standing position on the horse’s back. Read more…

Twin Farms hotel, Barnard, Vermont

The Farmhouse Lounge at Twin Farms… yes, it may beat Buffalo wings for romance factor

Claire Mazur discovers romance and a crew of comedians at Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont

My Valentine’s Day tradition with Mr Smith for six years running has involved treating myself to Buffalo wings at a sports bar. It is just our flavour of romance: drenched in blue cheese. This year, we decided there was no harm in mixing it up with something slightly more, well, refined. So we booked a long weekend at the notoriously romantic boutique hotel Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont. Shortly after arrival, our host told me that he lived down the road with his wife and their twin boys, and winkingly suggested we ought to be careful during our stay. I’ll admit to being slow on the uptake — my husband had to explain the joke to me. (Twins. Twin farms. Romance. Right, right…) Read more…

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