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Travolution Awards Best B2C Travel blogYou know how we gloated when – thanks to the Luxuria Awards back in June – we became an award-winning travel blog? Well, you can just imagine the waves of smugness rippling through Smith HQ now that we’re a multiple-award-winning travel blog.

We were absolutely thrilled yesterday when the unfeasibly lovely people at Travolution honoured us at their annual awards ceremony for travel-industry types. ‘Twas a grand affair – dinner in the Dorchester’s ballroom (roast vegetables and goat’s cheese, a mushroom raviolo, beef fillet and chocolate pudding from the hotel kitchen, since you ask), and attendees from all corners of the travel business.

Every Oscar-winner in the history of false modesty has been heard to say ‘Well, it’s an honour to be nominated, but I certainly won’t win’, but we genuinely weren’t expecting to go home with anything other than a full stomach and a mildly tiddly head. So it came as quite a surprise when we were announced as the winners of ‘Best B2C Travel Blog‘ (that’s ‘business to consumer’ if you’re not fluent in industry textspeak) and called up to the stage to receive our chunky Perspex rectangle.

Such a surprise in fact, that the expecting Mrs Smith – currently describing herself as a ‘lumbering pregosaur’ – was heard to declare ‘There’s no way I’m going up there in this state’, and promptly booted Mr Smith out of his seat to accept the award.

According to the judges, our blog is:

‘A brilliantly executed site which has managed to provide readers with a wide range of content – from clothing to trip ideas and gadgets – but never deviating from its core proposition.’

We blush, we really do. So, thank you Travolution, and congratulations to our fellow winners and nominees – you can see the full list here.

Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena SpaMeanwhile, in other prize-winning news, we’re doubly happy to announce that, while we were clinking glasses in celebration, Smith’s favourite Yorkshire hotel – the fabulous Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa in Helmsley- was busy winning the the AA’s ‘Hotel of the Year 2009-10′ accolade. If you haven’t had the chance to bed down at this enchanting Victorian moorside inn, make a beeline up the A1 at the first opportunity (although we suspect availability may be in short supply for the next few months).

Trebles all round.

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