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Christmas in New YorkIn Part 1 of our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, we brought you perfect xmas present tips from Mr & Mrs Smith’s favourite lovely people at all-natural beauty company Jo Wood Organics, holiday and beachwear purveyors Heidi Klein, luxury lingerie and gift company Coco Ribbon and haute jewellers Astley Clarke.

Today, we’re sprinkling around another handful of snowy, sparkling good cheer and mulled wine glowiness, while carolling loudly about figgy pudding and the like, with our second sackful of Christmas gift ideas

Once again, so glad are our tidings that we’ve even arranged special discounts for Mr & Mrs Smith members on all the goodies mentioned. Log in or sign up here to get up to 20% off all your yuletide shopping!


Founder of Matches fashion boutique, Ruth ChapmanFOUNDER OF FASHION BOUTIQUE MATCHES, RUTH CHAPMAN

Where will you be spending Christmas? In London, at home, in our beautiful new house. It will be a traditional English Christmas with fires in all the open fire-places and a super-big tree, with twinkling lights adorning our outdoor staircase.

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? Well, you wouldn’t believe it but I never get time to shop in my own store – and there are a few little things that have caught my fancy. I’d love to find a beautiful piece of unique jewellery by Annina Vogel – and some pretty lingerie from Agent Provocateur is always a welcome surprise.

Kilgour Crombie men\'s coat from MatchesWhich piece from your collection would you give to your Mr Smith? For my very own Mr Smith (aka Tom), something luxurious and special, like a bespoke Kilgour Crombie coat. We have a grey cashmere one which is immaculately cut and fits like a dream. But sssh – it’s a surprise!!

Bottega Veneta snakeskin wallet at MatchesAnd your friends? I love to buy my girlfriends treats that they would never buy for themselves: a pampering oil from Jo Wood’s Organics range, especially the body dew; or sumptuous leather purses – Bottega Veneta is the obvious choice. YSL cocktail ring at MatchesYSL cocktail rings also make wonderful gifts at Christmas.

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. The vibe there is wonderful, especially at Christmas, and it’s great for gift ideas and girlie presents- and of course the Petersham Nurseries café is a must to refresh from all that Christmas shopping…

Wired Christmas ribbon from VV RouleauxHow do you wrap your gifts? I make a special trip to trimmings emporium VV Rouleaux off Marylebone High Street and get masses of beautiful ribbon. I love spending time making presents look beautiful. Wrapping paper I usually pick up from a local children’s charity. (I particularly like to support children’s charities at Christmas)

Best Christmas present you ever got? My beautiful daughter Esme, who was born very close to Christmas.

Worst? I’m never disappointed by the gifts my Mr Smith gives me!

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Daisy bikini from MylaWhere will you be spending Christmas? In Melbourne, chilling out with family around the pool in my Myla Daisy bikini.

Simone lingerie set by MylaWhat are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? Diamond earrings and a gorgeous Myla Simone padded balconette bra with matching knickers and suspenders.

Which item from your collection would you give to your Mr Smith? My Mr Smith will be receiving some Myla massage oil – and me wrapped up in some nice Myla lingerie!

And your friends? A ‘Passion’ candle and the new Myla set of 5 sheer tulle knickers.

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? Selfridges, always! With a refreshing glass of champagne half-way through to keep me going…

How do you wrap your gifts? That’s Mr Smith’s job.New York by night

Best Christmas present you ever got? A trip to New York.

Worst? A stationery set.

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Where will you be spending Christmas? At home in Harrogate, Yorkshire, with my family.

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? Bags and bags of stuff from Whistles – isn’t designer Jane Davidson a GENIUS?!

Which item from your collection would you give to your Mr Smith? I’d give my husband the Neom Tranquillity bath oil – perfect for his aching muscles after football and to help him sleep the night through.

Neom Luxury Organics scented candleAnd your friends? A Top to Toe Organic Indulgence treatment at the Berkeley hotel with all our organic oils for my best friend; and a Real Luxury Organic treatment candle (our most popular candle) for all my other friends – they all go mad for it!

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? I’m afraid not – my family and friends are too picky… I will be spending most of my money online this year though at the Early Learning Centre for my little boy! I also love Jane Davidson’s website for amazing clothes and accessories.

How do you wrap your gifts? This sounds odd, but looks good: I wrap my presents in Financial Times newspaper (it’s a little pink) and top with different coloured bows. I like my presents to look the prettiest – and the most eco-friendly.

Best Christmas present you ever got? A pony when I was 8. I still think that was my best day ever (apart from maybe having my little boy and getting married…!)

Worst? Some purple shellsuit tracksuit bottoms from my sports-mad boyfriend. Thanks very much.

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PYJAMA ROOM CO-FOUNDER, EMMA HOWARTHPyjama Room co-founder, Emma Howarth

Where will you be spending Christmas? At home in London with my husband and two children, hoping nobody wakes up too early and that nobody tries to break into our car (which is what happened last year when we kept the turkey in it overnight to keep it cold because the fridge was too full).

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? I’m still holding out for an eternity ring but, failing that, a spur of the moment Mr & Mrs Smith Ski weekend for New Year wouldn’t go amiss!Luxury Travel Essentials gift set from Pyjama Room

Which item from your own collection would you give to your Mr Smith? I’d give Mrs Smiths a Pyjama Room Luxury Travel Essentials gift box: the finest cream cashmere throw plus heavenly Abahna travel set with Raspberry passport wallet – for him, a grey cashmere throw plus an Abahna travel set with a chestnut passport wallet. So decadent, but gives you luxury all the way from check-in to touchdown.

And your friends? My sister is getting a Pyjama Room Lacy Sleep Set in Antique Blue (she’s a student with a new boyfriend – say no more); and A week\'s worth of camisoles from Pyjama Roommy best friend Lucy is getting the Pyjama Room 7 camis for 7 days – she deserves it: she’s got two boys under 5, is always up for a gossip and puts up with me constantly changing plans and never returning her calls.

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? I do everything online: Graham & Green;; Amazon; Pyjama Room; the Handpicked Collection;; Ocado

How do you wrap your gifts? Last year was silver wrapping paper with contrasting mini crackers attached to each pressie; this year I’m doing white recycled paper bags with purple ribbon.

Best Christmas present you ever got? Asking my husband to marry him in New York – and him saying yes.

Worst? The same cookery book for the second year running from a member of my family…

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Mr & Mrs Smith marketing director Tamara Heber-PercyMR & MRS SMITH CO-FOUNDER, TAMARA HEBER-PERCY

Where will you be spending Christmas? Calcot Manor in Gloucestershire with both our families and our little son Tom too – we just couldn’t face all that cooking!

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? Something glamorous and sparkly that makes me forget all about the credit crunch…

What from the Smith collection would you choose for your real-life, actual-factual Mr Smith? Blakes hotel in LondonIf money were no object, I’d whisk him away for a quick blast of sunshine and wine-tasting somewhere we always have a great time: Cape Town, South Africa. However, because it’s a recession, he’ll probably get a night out in our favourite London hotel, Anouska Hempel‘s palace of design gorgeousness, Blakes (with one of the grannies babysitting Tom).

Hotel gift vouchers from Mr & Mrs SmithAnd your friends? Some Get a Room! travel vouchers for our closest friends (that way they can treat themselves to a sexy Smith getaway in the new year), and Something for the Weekend CDs or boutique hotel guidebooks for emergency under-the-tree gifts Stylish hotel guidebooks and CDs from Mr & Mrs Smith(there’s always a few people you forget or who surprise you with a generous gift).

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? I can’t get enough of the kitchenware, Christmassy cookie cutters and cool cake stands at Whisk; Coco Ribbon is always good for girlie gifts; and online, I love The Gluttonous Gardener, and Not On the High Street.

How do you wrap your gifts? In plain coloured paper (it varies every year) with a ribbon – the colours are important. Last year I did silver with pale blue ribbon. This year I think I may go more decadent and pick gorgeous jewel colours.

Best Christmas present you ever got? My first car – a battered old Volvo that represented my freedom.

Worst? I couldn’t possibly say – if the person who gave it to me ever read this, I’d be devastated!

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Where will you be spending Christmas? In the middle of the English countryside, alternating between long walks and long meals with the family.

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? A surprise: the older you get, the less surprise presents there are!

Smythson travel clutchWhich items from the Smythson collection would you give to your own Mr or Mrs Smith? Travel wallets. Mr Smith would have a slim travel wallet in brown mara; and our new travel clutch with removable dividers doubles up as a clutch bag for Mrs Smith.

Smythson leather fashion diaryAnd your friends? Smythson diaries in a rainbow of colours, of course. Something so practical yet so gorgeous that lasts till next Christmas. Everyone loves them!

Favourite one-stop Christmas shops? Once I’ve ventured past Smythson, I don’t feel I’ve cracked Christmas till I’ve spent hours browsing and buying books in Hatchard’s. Then I head for Notting Hill and seek inspiration in the various small boutiques.

How do you wrap your gifts? Clashing colours and textures with as much glitter and ribbon as possible! I do cheat by putting everything in a box before I wrap it; and it’s a great second-use for any old display boxes accumulated through out the year.

Best Christmas present you ever got? An iPod, preloaded with all the tunes I could ever have wanted. It would still be in the box if the tunes hadn’t been put on it!

Worst? The flu, on Christmas morning.

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Check out Part 1 of our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, with perfect present suggestions from the clever little elfs at one-stop holiday shop Heidi Klein, Jo Wood Organics, jewellers Astley Clarke and luxury gift store Coco Ribbon…

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