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Christmas in New YorkIn part 1 of our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2010, we brought you a dazzling array of festive wonders and perfect present picks from some of Mr & Mrs Smith’s favourite style mavens, including designer Amanda Wakeley, gifts-galore store Pedlars, and wholesome homeware and clothes boutique Toast.

Today, we’re back with a whole new array of temptation, sliding a sleighful of jingly jawdroppers before your eager eyes. And, as ever, we’ve arranged some veritably marvellous members discounts of up to 20% on all the Cath Kidston, Bill Amberg and Sambag collections featured. Hallelujah!

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Bill Amberg, luxury accessories designerBILL AMBERG, DESIGNER

Where will you be spending Christmas?
I will be spending Christmas with the family in North Yorkshire where the mother-in-law lives.

And where would you most like to spend it?
Always in North Yorkshire! It’s always so lovely and it’s such fun spending time with the family.

What are you hoping to find under the tree?
Bed socks would be very handy as it’s so cold!

What item from your range would you give to your own Mr or Mrs Smith?
Hunter Wallets, a gorgeous new collection of ours in classic vegetable tan leather, ideal for travels and perfectly sized for passports and credit cards.

Tambourine coin purse – Bill AmbergAnd to your friends?
Our Tambourine Coin Purses. No more holes in their pocket linings!Bill Amberg canvas tote bag

What’s your best budget gift option?
A Selvage Canvas Tote is real winner – you can fill them to the brim with everything from the farmer’s market or stuff it full of clothes for a long weekend away.

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?
Online at Sunspel and Brora for the boys and girls respectively.

Under the treeHow do you wrap your gifts?
Plain brown kraft paper, sellotape and black ribbon. I’ve done this for years: it’s simple and strong and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Best Christmas present you ever got?
Getting married just before Christmas. We’ll always be able to remember it.

And the worst?
Can quite honestly say I’ve never had a bad present: all gifts are great!

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Mr & Mrs Smith undercover at a boutique hotelMR SMITH (AKA JAMES LOHAN)

Where are you spending Christmas?
At home this year in London.

Where would you like to be spending it?
In South Africa; but elderly grandparents can’t travel that far, and it’s more important to be with family at Christmas.

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
Our nanny. I want to wake up and discover that her two week absence is just a bad dream…

What from the Mr & Mrs Smith collection would you give actual-factual Mrs Smith? (We won’t tell her. Unless she reads this.)
Get a Room! hotel gift cardOur latest hotel guide, a Smith Get a Room! gift card and a note saying ‘Let’s go wherever you want to’. Mrs Smith has dropped some hints lately about being whisked as far from the English winter as possible – come to think of it I found a Post-It scrawled with Southern Ocean Lodge! on my desk last week…

Melin Tregwynt picnic rug for Mr & Mrs SmithAnd to your friends?
I love the new picnic rug we’ve just had designed for us by Melin Tregwynt, the manufacturer who makes Mulberry’s rugs. A (brief) picnic in Kew Gardens on Boxing day with some piping hot soup and mince pies might be fun.

What’s your best budget present option?
The gift of ‘time off’ – costs nothing but a day off from work and the kids sounds great.

Do you have a favourite one-stop Christmas shop?

How do you wrap your gifts?

Best Christmas present you ever got?
Retro flat-table Space Invaders game.

I genuinely got a new Christmas Jumper every year from Grandma and had to wear them throughout my teenage years. Weirdly, once, I did actually quite like one of them (must have been a strange fashion at the time that she’d accidentally struck gold with). Thankfully her knitting days are over…

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Where will you be spending Christmas?
This year, in London. I love the idea of just going home and not packing to go anywhere!

And where would you most like to spend it?
I would love to be at my friend’s who has just restored a property in Uruguay, inland from Punta del Este.

What are you hoping to find under the tree?
Books: I would love a pile of recommended novels and some good house/interiors books as we are restoring a barn right now.

Cath Kidston Christmas stockingWhat from your range will you be giving to your own Mr or Mrs Smith? (We promise not to tell them).
Our new first-aid kit in his stocking. Every home needs one!

And to your friends?
Not much. I try to keep presents to just family and godchildren as it can get out of control.

What’s your best budget gift option? Paper napkins!

Cath Kidston Christmas tagsWhere do you do your Christmas shopping?
Mainly online or in local boutiques.

How do you wrap your gifts?
With my own CK wrapping and tags!

Bag of poniesBest Christmas present you ever got?
When I was a child I got a toy pony that I had dreamed of for months – nothing beats a childhood Christmas.

And the worst?
A garden fork when I didn’t have a garden.

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Sambag founder Sam WagnerSAMBAG DESIGNER, SAM WAGNER

Where will you be spending Christmas? At my home in Woollahra, Sydney, with my two daughters, Ali and India, mother, father and brothers and sisters and their families.


And where would you most like to spend it?
I would really love to enjoy a white Christmas… Next year, I’ll take Ali and India to either Europe or the States; I just love the Christmas spirit, the store windows and street decorations, and the feeling of hope that comes with the postcard prettiness of a traditional white Christmas!

What are you hoping to find under the tree?
A business class ticket to India; I have never been and I’m dying to go! If someone would like to take me I can be packed and ready to go in 20 minutes…

What from your range will you be giving to your own Mr or Mrs Smith? (We promise not to tell them)
If I had a partner I’d probably give them a Sambag mens cashmere zip-up hoodie in every colour: they are so sexy and cool on a guy!

Sambag scented candleAnd to your friends?
I have just developed these blissfully scented candles for our stores and they look so divine all packaged up; I will be giving my friends a candle to fragrance holiday season and to remind them how much I value their friendship.

Sambag modal jersey dressWhat’s your best budget gift option?
Sambag has these fantastic modal T-shirts and dresses in a range of colours and prices from $50 to $70 – very affordable, luxurious and fabulous to wear.

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?
I like to shop locally in Sydney: Papier d’Amour in Double Bay for cards, wrapping, ribbons and really cute stocking stuffers; Cotton Love in Woollahra for truly unique homewares; and Summer + Buddy in Woollahra for clothes for my daughters, nieces and god-children.

Christmas presentsHow do you wrap your gifts?
This year I will be doing old-fashioned brown paper with red-printed ribbons; I love the natural look and it’s all from Papier d’Amour in Double Bay.

Best Christmas present you ever got?
Wow, probably when I was 8 and I got the Barbie camper van, house and  pool – I was so set up !

And the worst?
A voucher at a department store; sorry but so not creative!

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Happy shopping… and happy Christmas!

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