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In the annals of epic love letters, Johnny Cash praised June Carter’s ability to inspire, Frida Kahlo waxed poetic about Diego Rivera’s hands, and an infatuated Beethoven seemed to wallow in bed quite a bit over his ‘immortal beloved’. In the odes below, however, you’ll find deep fondness for pools, honesty bars and high-thread-count sheets (another great reason to wallow in bed).

Here, we’ve rounded up love letters to some of the most swoon-worthy hotels around the globe. These beloved boltholes – from the Maldives to China to Jamaica and more – were so much more than a one-night stand.

Letter to Milaidhoo Island hotel in the MaldivesCaitlin Villarreal of Atelier Doré to Milaidhoo Island

Dear endless stars of Milaidhoo,

How do we count the ways you intoxicated our evenings? Inspired our mornings? Made our honeymooners’ eyes shine even brighter for each other? From the starlit glittery nuances of our pool cascading into the endless Maldivian sky, you made our romance a fairytale fit for another universe.

With love,
Mr & Mrs Villarreal

Love letter to Amandayan hotel in Lijiang, China

Graham Kostic, collector and explorer, to Amandayan

Dear Amandayan,

I dream of your pool. The rush of crisp mountain air, a blazing sun in a China blue sky… PURE BLISS! And sweet Mae from the spa. Sweet Mae with the kindest eyes! And on my last day, a gift of flower tea satchels because you know how much I loved your poolside tea service.
I dream of your pool.Letter to the Cambrian hotel, Adelboden, SwitzerlandI will never forget you.

xo, Graham

Henrietta Thompson, editor-at-large of Wallpaper* magazine, to The Cambrian

Dearest darling Cambrian,

Your infinity pool in the moonlight
Your champagne trolley at noon
Your snow-covered mountainous backdrop
I hope we’ll be seeing you soon…


Letter to the Soho Hotel, LondonZoe Zimmer, photographer and graphic artist, to The Soho Hotel

Dear honesty bar at the Soho Hotel, 

No other bar is there for me like you are in the small hours of the morning. Between your trusty nature and 24-hour service, when we’re together I lose all track of time – literally. 


Emily Note of Atelier Doré to AdAstraLetter to AdAstra hotel, Florence, Italy

To the terrace at the AdAstra,

You are a true oasis in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Thank you for sharing your beautiful private garden views and a wonderful, calming reprieve from the hustle and bustle of dear Firenze. I could sit with you, with a cup of tea, and feel at peace forever.


Letter to GoldenEye hotel in Jamaica

Molly Guy, founder of Stone Fox Bride, to GoldenEye

GoldenEye… how do I love thee…

Your enchanted lagoon… your abundant platters of dragon fruit at breakfast… your pink sunsets and high vibes… your yoga pagoda and high-thread-count sheets and the ocean everywhere… paradise found, indeed… can’t wait ’til we meet again.


Charles Cave, musician and writer, to Thotalagala

A love telegram to Thotalagala

Thinking of you, months since we met.
It was as if your walls had kept a little goodness from all who came before me.
Your air seemed made of joyful sighs.Letter to Thotalagala, Hill Country, Sri Lanka
Nature grins at you; the glistening tea-fields, the mountains that surround like loyal dogs, the garden like a fallen sprig from heaven’s wilds.
The quiet was as delicious as cinnamon cocoa.
One night the rain chatted with the lounge fire beside me like lovers.
The good souls that steer the ship –  were they not old friends of mine?
All I could want was before me before I wanted it – juice barely having left its fruit, pastries that wet the lips of France, a crisp beer – its amber going down twinned with the setting sun.
In your cotton I slept a thousand nights in one,
Then a million in the second.
In the belly of your bath I sunk down back into youth,
Became as playful as monkeys at dawn.
Perhaps it was my home after all,
Then where am I now? Lost in some much greyer place, trying to find my way back to you.

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