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Still from Sleep FuriouslyJust as we’re excited about the new additions to our collection of Welsh hotels, so there’s also a buzz around a new, equally Welsh film, Sleep Furiously.

Launched on the festival circuit last year, Gideon Koppel’s picture about the plight of farming in mid-Wales, where Koppel grew up, is a heartfelt documentary that has been impressing the critics. Yes, a subject matter that references the demise of small-scale agriculture and the legacy of the holocaust isn’t intended as light-hearted, but the film’s lauded cinematography and bleakly beautiful setting, just inland from Aberystwyth, is soul-stirring in a way reminiscent of touching French documentary, Etre et Avoir.

If checking out the views from your cinema seat proves simply not enough, let Sleep Furiously inspire you to see Cardigan Bay for yourself. And the nominations for Best Place to Stay Locally are…

Ffynnon, Snowdonia, WalesThe nautically chic Harbourmaster Hotel in seaside Aberaeron is nearest to Koppel’s Ceredigion setting – comfortable and quirky. A more family-friendly option, Llety Bodfor in Aberdovey is also within location-scouting distance and is equally seaside. Or head north to Ffynnon (right) in the foothills of Snowdonia: we’ve been charmed utterly by the mix of Victorian glamour and 21st-century touches at this former rectory overlooking Dolgellau.

Just west of the Brecon Beacons, eco-friendly Fronlas in Llandeilo is an elegant Edwardian townhouse restored with underfloor heating, solar panels and eco-electricity.

The Grove, Molleston, PembrokeshireThere’s a new star in Pembrokeshire, too. The Grove (left) is a romantic Georgian mansion that sits on a hillside alongside a 15th-century longhouse built for mediaeval farmers (agricultural credentials – tick), although you’ll be relieved to know there’s not a hint of farmyard about the gorgeous rooms, all flock-wallpaper and colourful furnishings.

So, which one to choose for a first-hand dose of Wales’ awe-inspiring landscape? Sleep on it. Furiously.

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