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With T-minus one week till turkey time, ‘tis the season for pre-holiday excitement and anxiety. Maybe you’ve volunteered to bring a dish, perhaps you’re dreading discussing the election results, or possibly you’re hoping to not draw the short straw in the room-allocation stakes. While we can’t help with it all (hey, we’ve got our own crazy uncles to contend with), we hope this pre-travel checklist helps to make your Thanksgiving holiday a happy one this year.

Arrive in a classically understated cashmere midi dress from ethical brand Everlane; a casual, but tailored, modern flannel will do nicely for the dudes. Tote the rest of your long-weekend wardrobe in a sleek and stylish twill bag, or a rustic canvas number from Forest Bound.

Promised to bring a dessert, but not one with the oven? No worries: have a homemade PieGram delivered to your door. Personally, we’d go for the classic Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip or the bolder Mulled Spiced Pear, but it’s really hard to go wrong with pie.

Bring a Moscow Mule Carry On Kit or all the fixings for Old Fashioneds (for two) for a fortifying pre-dinner drink.

Wrap up in a wool cape from Faribault mills; it’ll double as an on-plane blanket and easy-to-grab outerwear for emergency walks (you know, in case someone engages your token crazy relative in a volume-escalating debate about politics). We’ll take one in that emerald shade of autumnal plaid, minus the tension, please.

If you’re bunking with family, you’ll need some decent nightwear (full coverage, preferably). Score some Olivia von Halle silk pyjamas and dazzle your relatives with your elevated sense of sophistication.

Pretend you’re in a boutique hotel and self-pamper with anti-puffing green tea face masks (for banishing post-plane dryness, as well as excessive salt consumption… no judgement). Additionally, an Aesop Jet Set kit of travel-sized toiletries will keep you well-cleansed and fully conditioned.

But if holiday pressure, or incessant Black Friday ads, get the best of you, there’s always the following weekend for a proper boutique hotel getaway. What’s even better than turkey leftovers? Margaritas on the beach.

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