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There’s something delightfully disorienting about checking into Urban Cowboy. Maybe it’s because once you step out of your Uber, take in what appears to be a residential stretch of East Nashville, make your way up a brick walkway and nod at whatever tattooed character has kicked back on the wraparound porch that afternoon, you might feel like you’ve accidentally wandered up to a private home.

But when you step inside the 19th-century mansion and find a pair fiddling with banjos in the front parlor, you may then wonder if you’ve stumbled upon some clandestine lair for rising country stars miles from the neon lights of Music Row.

However, once a friendly face emerges from an antique wooden bar and offers you a bourbon and a hand with your bags, you’ll know you have in fact landed at Nashville’s, if not all of Tennessee’s, best B&B. That friendly face may even belong to a man named Lyon who, along with his partner, Jersey, dreamed up Urban Cowboy. Lyon, who lived another life as a professional hockey player before swapping his helmet for a hotelier’s sensibility, knows a thing or two about reinvention.

This will become evident as you wander the halls of the historic Queen Anne-style home, now transformed with art deco patterns cast in reclaimed wood, as well as antlers, bull skulls and southwestern textiles. You may be tempted to grab some more of that bourbon and hole up in your suite – all of which have especially alluring clawfoot tubs – but instead head out back to Public House, former horse stables reimagined as a bar and restaurant.

Grab a gimlet and sidle up next to a local near the fire pit and brace yourself, because in Nashville one thing usually does lead to another…

Feel like you’ve run off to join a band by booking a summer stay at Urban Cowboy Nashville

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