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We’ve seriously caught the blogging bug and although still relatively new to it we can see it becoming a bit of a passion, and so are thinking we’d like a nice new custom theme to really kick it off properly…

So rather than just go and pay for one like everyone does, we thought we’d give all you seriously talented, but as yet undiscovered WordPress theme designers the chance to really get your design noticed.

If your design is chosen, not only will it be used to make our blog beautiful (and include a link back to your website), but we’ll also whisk you off for a fabulous weekend away for two at one of Mr & Mrs Smith’s hand-picked boutique hotels.

How to enter

Head on over to the Smithblog wordpress theme competition page on our site, read the very few rules, take a good look around the site to get a feel for our style, and then get creating..

you can ask questions in the comments here and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Good luck to all.

Tamara Heber Percy

Online Director

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