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Interview with James Lohan – the original Mr Smith

Posted by Tamara on May 20th, 2009

Ever wondered what the brains behind Mr & Mrs Smith looks like? Well, here’s your chance to see managing director James Lohan – one half of the entrepreneurial couple that kick-started the whole Smith phenomenon – talking about how he’s helped build the brand from a well-received coffee-table book back in 2003 into the all-singing, all-dancing 500-plus hotel collection and glitzy website you see before you today.

In this nine-and-a-half minute interview (not to be confused with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger‘s similarly titled slice of 1980s erotica), he reveals how the idea for Mr & Mrs Smith came to him and his wife Tamara during a wet weekend in Windermere, and why it was so essential for him that Smith became a brand you can trust. Anyway, enough of this waffle. Let the man speak for himself…


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  1. Cool – how nice to meet you, Mr. Smith!

    By Andy Hayes

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