Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel in Japan

New for September: Smith hotels in Japan, Marrakech, Barcelona and beyond…

Fogo Island hotel in Newfoundland, Canada

We have something we’re very excited to show you… our very first handpicked hotels in Japan! Meet Beniya Mukayu in Kanazawa (bottom right), the Park Hyatt Tokyo (below) – yep, the one where Scarlett Johansson lounged around in her underwear in Lost in Translation – and, also in Tokyo, the very cool Claska hotel.

Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel in JapanBeniya Mukayu hotel in JapanEntirely different but equally lovely but is the Fogo Island Inn (above), perched on the rocks in Canada’s far-flung Newfoundland. Farther south (much farther south), we found Las Ranitas, an elegant but environmentally friendly (the name is Spanish for ‘the frogs’) hotel in Tulum on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Another sunny stay is Marrakech’s Fellah Hotel: it’s part Berber dwelling, part modern-art installation, where we fell in love with the Atlas Mountains views.

We added a hip Euro city stay to our curated collection, too. Over in the Catalan capital, the Mercer Hotel Barcelona mixes modern style with ancient Roman architecture.

Check back next month – same time, same place – for more globe-circling, hotel-hunting Smith adventures…

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  1. Angela Carroll at 9:27 pm

    Great addition the Mercer hotel, could I also suggest the Condes de Barcelona for its location, luxury and stunning rooftop bar with views of Gaudi’s Pedrera and Sagrada Familia cathedral.

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