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Hotel stays these days are increasingly about experiences – so why not the journey, too?

We’re very proud to add an exciting new experience to our roster of services: the Smith Love is in the Air package. Recently, we’ve noticed that an increasing number of travellers have been contacting our nothing’s-too-much-trouble Smith24 team to ask them to help achieve the ultimate travel high.

Well, we’re happy to oblige.

Love is in the Air is the result of our partnership with private-jet firm Heaven & Back, which enables couples who can’t wait till hotel check-in to indulge their passions by offering a discreet and romantic atmosphere in which to celebrate their relationship mid-flight.

‘We used to say that people don’t go to Smith hotels to play Scrabble.
Now it appears they don’t catch flights to drink tiny G&Ts and watch half-baked Anne Hathaway rom-coms, either…’
Smith founder and CEO James Lohan

Love is in the Air customer testimonial


• Choose from three flight routes, from London Luton to Europe’s most heart-stirring cities: Paris, Venice and Frankfurt.

• GoldSmith members enjoy private flights, with access to unlimited champagne and a linen-swagged four-poster bed in the back of the jet.

• SilverSmith members are accommodated in one of four luxury ‘love cabins’ with unlimited wine to help ease things along.

• BlackSmith members can enjoy the seductive privacy of a curtained-off row of seats.

• For a £5,000 supplement, flyers can even experience the sensual possibilities of weightlessness on one of Heaven & Back’s zero-gravity aircraft.

Fares start at just £6,999 per couple (up to a maximum of four people per flight). Flight times can vary, but tend to be around two hours, which our experience so far suggests is more than enough…

Ready for lift-off? Find out more here.

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