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Window-seat wonderland: crossing the Alps by train

Here's a stop-by-stop guide to one of Europe's greatest rail journeys, the Arlberg Pass. Travel from Zurich to Vienna, stopping along the way for chocolate factories, castles and cable-car rides.

How a humble English inn became a global go-to for the creative crowd

Mix a country cottage, a gastropub and an art gallery – then throw in a controversial character or two – and you have Artist Residence Oxfordshire. Here's the five-room boutique hotel outside of London that's making waves.

Killing the concierge: Ian Schrager starts a revolution (again)

Do you really need a check-in desk? Is an elaborate lobby necessary? In honour of Public, Schrager's stylishly sparse new NYC stay, we examine age-old hotel features and decide what should stay and what can go.

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