The ultimate Bloody Mary recipe? There’s stiff competition in the Cotswolds…

Ultimate Bloody Mary recipeThe Bloody Mary: probably the best hangover cure known to man. Fact. Also, probably the single best drink you can craft from in-flight trolley ingredients (or, if you’re totally lazy, from Belvedere’s pre-macerated Bloody Mary vodka, right). Fact 2.0. Also, in the wrong hands, potentially the most repulsive, godawful hash of a cocktail on God’s earth. Fact 2.1.0. This is a problem.

Thankfully, a philanthropic hotel in Gloucestershire has come up with a solution: discovering the Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe. The Wheatsheaf Inn, hotel in Gloucestershire, CotswoldsFor the past three years, a dedicated team at The Wheatsheaf Inn (left) has hosted the Cotswolds Bloody Mary Competition at their beautifully updated coaching inn – partly because they make a (compelling) claim to making the country’s Best Bloody Mary right there on their lovely premises.

Barkeeps and blenders descend on Friday 18 November from 12 noon to 3pm to showcase their particular mix, while hotel guests and drop-ins will help whittle down the top five finest Bloody Mary cocktails. And you’re invited!

Ultimate Bloody Mary contest – Wheatsheaf Inn, Cotswolds

Bigger, better and bloodier than before, this year’s contest will see 65 pubs, hotels and restaurants gather in Northleach to battle it out. Armed only with tomato juice, vodka, a handful of condiments and a clutch of closely guarded secret ingredients, the cocktail concocters will whip up batches of Bloody Mary for you to sample – the top 5 are shortlisted for judging by a panel of local experts*, including Dom Joly, Roddy Llewellyn and the editor of Cotswold Life. A warming winter barbecue (venison burgers, Kelmscott Royal sausages, fluffy baked taters) will ensure stomachs are lined and primed for the all-important taste tests.

We’ve all got our secrets – add a splash of sherry; a dash of red wine; a pinch of celery salt – and we can’t reveal The Wheatsheaf Inn‘s winning formula; but we can drop you some flavoursome hints: Clamato juice, horseradish and celery should definitely be on your shopping list.

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Cotswolds hotel, GloucestershireThere’s still availability on the night of the event – this Friday – so not only can you sleep off the after-effects, you can be sure of an excellent hangover remedy the next morning…


Book a stay at the Wheatsheaf Inn; explore more Cotswolds hotels; find fun things to do in the Cotswolds.

*Expert boozers, with some local knowledge and a GSOH.

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  2. Hugo at 7:07 pm

    Nice contest, really !
    Clamato juice, horseradish and celery are definitely be on my shopping list !!

  3. Lucy Author at 2:10 pm

    Cotswolds rivals the Beckford Arms have just created a new twist on the Bloody Mary – their Blonde Mary cocktail is made with yellow tomato juice from the Isle of Wight, and spiced with horseradish. Yum!

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