Oli Beale: plane food, hotels and now karaoke critic

It’s not the first time Oli Beale has gone viral as a critic: his Virgin complaint letter saw his hilarious message for Richard Branson go global. Last weekend, our beloved hotel inspector (hopefully used to a great night’s sleep when he’s on Smith reviewer duty) was inspired by his Hackney neighbours’ karaoke antics to mark their vocals out of 10. Move over, Simon Cowell…

Oli tweets from @OliBeale.

Oli has anonymously reviewed these hotels for Mr & Mrs Smith:
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Les Deux Tours in Marrakech Read the review
The Standard East Village in New York Read the review
The Standard High Line in New York Read the review
The Grove Narberth in Wales Read the review
Maison Matilda in Treviso Read the review

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  1. rhonda at 10:55 pm

    yo oli , next performance nite , video us a selection so we can all rate it why dont you? and may i suggest an airhorn during the peaks of their verses? might take the starch out of them .

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